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Cubii Jr Desk Elliptical Review

Our review of the Cubii Jr Desk Elliptical w/Built in Display Monitor. Overall, it is active, quiet and low-impact. Highly recommend!
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Very quality product. Smooth and quiet. Easy to assemble and is extremely user-friendly.
Work fitness into your daily routine with the original under-desk elliptical. Cubii Jr elliptical is the leading compact ergonomic elliptical to work out while you sit at home and office. Cubii Jr features a built-in display monitor to track your calories, distance, strides, and RPM. Go beyond the calorie count to improve your posture and engage your abs/core muscles, hip flexors, glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves. As an easy alternative to the gym, enjoy guilt-free workout without sacrificing work time.

Cubii Jr is designed for optimum comfort because you spend a lot of time on your booty. Designed specifically for use while sitting, Cubii Jr’s patented elliptical angles are optimized to ensure an ergonomic posture and unconscious motion while in use. Other pedal machines on the market tend to mimic the motion of a bike vs Cubii Jr’s elliptical motion. Because of its ergonomic elliptical design, Cubii Jr results in a low impact exercise that’s easy on the knees.

Cubii Jr features a built-in display monitor allowing you to track calories, distance, strides, and RPM in real time. With 8 resistance levels, crank it up to increase your heart rate or set it to cruising speed to pedal all day long. Go beyond the calorie count to improve your posture and engage your abs/core muscles, hip flexors, glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves. Cubii Jr’s smooth, ergonomic elliptical motion makes it simple to pedal continuously helping to reduce stress and anxiety. (NOT Bluetooth enabled)

– Low impact on joints with 8 levels of resistance to increase your activity over time.
– Whisper quiet with a smooth gliding motion. Quick and easy assembly. 4 screws and you are done!
– Keep Fit While You Sit, you can multitask with the Cubii to make exercise a breeze.
– A built-in display monitor tracks real-time, calories, RPM, strides and distance.
– Patented Ergonomic Design For Smooth Pedaling
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