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StreetStrider 8s Review by Eric

Hi everyone!

This is my first non-PEBL review. I wanted to show you my wife’s bike – the StreetStrider 8. It’s a really great bike that keeps you standing, working your whole body, and gets you outside for fresh air instead of standing in front of the TV spinning your legs around on a machine.

My camera-man Trevor takes his first spin on the StreetStrider and doesn’t fall off…

Ours is a bit older than the current 8s – ours has the same 8-speed hub in the rear, but includes calipers at the rear and sturmey-archer drums in the front. The other cycling components are standard basic parts.

Possible upgrades could be a different sized chainring on the drive, or at the rear for a different gear range, upgraded tires, upgraded reverse levers for better reach comfort in braking, external bottom bracket crankset for more stiffness and lighter-weight.

We bought this bike used from Craigslist out of Portland and picked it up for $800 down from the original price of $2200 for this model when it was new. These are available used all over the place so keep your eyes peeled.

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6 thoughts on “StreetStrider 8s Review by Eric

  • I test rode a user/ambassador’s StreetStrider. I liked the idea of getting an upper body workout and standing up versus sitting down, which I do most of the day at work. It may have been that the one I tested was loosely assembled; but it felt very unstable while operating, especially while turning! I didn’t trust it to go in traffic, like I was planning to use it around town. I wound up buying an Elliptigo 8-speed off CraigsList for $1500 years ago and felt stable on it IMMEDIATELY. I usually ride recumbents, so it was WAY different style and perspective, but a fun and welcome one. It’s my afterwork exerciser. Also good for exploring; and climbs hills surprisingly well. Rolls great! I find it easier to maintain cadence and an even level of effort on recumbents, especially my trike. Thanks for sharing! Your build appears better than the one I rode; but for stability and portability, I like the Elliptigo more.

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