2 thoughts on “Elliptical Challenge

  • August 10, 2019 at 9:30 pm

    Good for you girl! I have ALWAYS wanted to try the elliptical, but I am so afraid I wont be coordinated enough and will fall off it LOL. Not to mention, I can't afford a gym membership, but hoping to one day! Glad you had a great day… I LOVE chicken, I just had a 2 egg cheese omelette and couldn't even finish it. My period coming soon too I feel…feeling quite bloated right now (unless it's constipation which it COULD be that too haha). I am so sorry about Lizzie being upset… I really hope things work out with everyone. Family is everything, but I totally get the struggle being stuck in the middle of drama. Sucks so much when that happens. Great job on the elliptical though… I totally felt your pain!!! Those last 30 seconds probably felt like an eternity haha. I am so proud of you… that really looked HARD! But I still wish I could try it too lol. Even if I could only last 2 minutes haha

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