7 thoughts on “56 Hours Fasting and Exercise + Elliptical

  • Happy to have found your channel as I have recently embarked on a 70 day snake fast with a plan to do no refeed and am documenting my journey as well ! Love your perspective!

  • Hi mieka. I got stuck at work yesterday. Though I hate when that happens, it helped me complete a 19hr fast which I haven't done in awhile. Felt great. I'm off to sleep. I'll catch up to your videos later. Have a good day hon. Be well.

  • hi great live video i enjoyed watching the replay of this it was a great one you are always so determined and working hard to pursing your weight loss goal thats why i love your channel it is the best you are such an inspiration shoutout to you keep it up thanks for sharing hope you enjoy your weekend take care peace

  • You’re so strong and so determined. I am eating everyday and don’t feel like exercising. My energy is so low. I can’t even imagine working out while fasting. Great job! Very inspiring.

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