Recumbent Exercise Bike Benefits

Recumbent Exercise Bikes best deals:

Recumbent exercise bike benefits

There are a number of Recumbent Exercise bike workout benefits

Stationary Recumbent exercise bikes are ideal for anyone who is looking for a way to tone up their body and improve their general fitness. Exercising on a Recumbent exercise bike is also an excellent way to help you to lose weight.

There are a number of Stationary Recumbent exercise bikes available for home use. Entry level bikes are available from around about $150.

These are some of the main benefits of recumbent Exercise bikes:

Fully Supported operating position.
You are fully supported, in a reclining position, in a recumbent bike and the pedals are situated in front of your body. This makes it far more comfortable to operate than a conventional upright bike.

Ideal for someone with back problems.
Getting on and off of a recumbent exercise bike is extremely easy. The seat is considerably lower than that of a conventional upright bike.
This makes them ideal for anyone with mobility problems or for seniors.

Relaxed, comfortable workout position.

Because you are exercising in a reclined position, you do not experience back strain or problems with aching muscles in your upper body that you might get when using an upright bike.
Exercising on a recumbent bike also places less strain on your hips, knees and ankles which means you are able to exercise for longer periods without discomfort.
The seat on a recumbent bike is considerably larger than those of an upright bike. This means that you will not get saddle sore as a result of using the bike.

Lower Body and Cardiovascular Workout
Recumbent exercise bikes are an excellent way to tone up the muscles in the lower body.
They also offer a great way to get a complete cardiovascular workout to improve your overall health and well being.

Larger Weight Capacity
Recumbent exercise bikes also tend to have a higher weight carrying capacity than a conventional upright exercise bike. Many recumbent exercise bikes have a weight capacity of up to, and in some cases, more than 300 pounds. This makes them an ideal choice for anyone who is seriously overweight and is having difficulty finding an upright bike that is capable of taking their weight.

Helps you to remain motivated
A lot of people who start working out will often stop because they lack motivation. Working out on a conventional upright exercise bike can become monotonous and boring.
Because you are more comfortable on a recumbent bike you are more likely to stick to your exercise regime. You can even watch your favourite TV program or listen to music whilst exercising.

Suitable for All ages and fitness levels
Recumbent exercise bikes are not just suitable for older people and those with mobility problems. These machines can be used successfully by anyone regardless of their age or fitness level.
Most of them have a wide range of resistance settings. Beginners, or anyone with a low fitness level, will choose a low resistance setting. Anyone who is relatively fit will generally choose a much higher level of resistance.

Losing Weight
Using A recumbent bike regularly is an excellent way to burn off calories. You will not burn up as many calories on a recumbent bike as you would running, or using a rowing machine, for the same length of time.
Exercising on a recumbent bike is however low impact. This means that it does not put unnecessary strain on any of your joints and muscles. The fact that a recumbent bike also allows you to exercise in comfort will probably mean that you will in fact happily exercise for longer.

If you are serious about losing weight bear in mind that exercising alone is not enough. You also need to control your calorie intake to have a realistic chance of losing weight successfully.


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