Carry on Foldable Stepper Scooter

A three-wheel stepper scooter with high maneuverability when operated in crowded pedestrian traffic, which (un)folds in about 20 seconds, can be pulled as a carry-on luggage, takes very little storage space, and can achieve speeds comparable to conventional bicycles.
– It can be used by adults or children 7+ years old.
– Less than 20 second transition time between “ride-on”, “carry-on”, and “folded” states .
– Carry-on luggage size when folded: easy to store in office, home, restaurant, or subway.
– Very small footprint when operated, carried-on, or stored (designed with a Manhattan rider in mind).
– Carried as easy as a carry-on luggage in between rides (“carry-on” state).
– High versatility when operated in crowded pedestrian traffic where many stops and turns are required.
– A rider can remain mounted on the pedals when the scooter is stopped in traffic.
– Front wheels can lean up to 30 degrees in curves and keep the scooter upright on uneven ground.
– Front wheels can turn left and right up to 45 degrees while maintaining Ackerman’s steering principles
– Pedals move independent of each other within an adjustable angle range (stepper pedals).
– No assembly is required when purchased.


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