Trying The Cyclete Stand Up Bike For The First Time

Cyclete –

Very impressed with the quality of the Cyclete. While it is big, it is lightweight. This is a great alternative for running with.

Cyclete is the culmination of SASCHER’s 20-year pursuit to create the ultimate stand-up-bike experience. A stand-up-bike that harnesses your body’s power to explore the world. A fluid, powerful, patented teardrop motion that blends the best of running and cycling while significantly reducing harsh impact, numbness, knee and other joint strain. A stand-up-bike designed in Marin County California, the birthplace of the mountain bike. A capable stand-up-bike that stands tall amongst its mountain bike cousins while also delivering a fast, fun, safe, comfortable and quiet ride on the road. A stand-up-bike built without compromise in the USA.

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