🕺🕷️🕸️ Almost Naked Disco Spider Thong – Andrew Christian – in Male Stripper Strobing 360 °

Excuse me sir, but there is a spider on your bits. 🕷️🥜

Sexy, sexier, sexiest… Adorn your body in the slinkiest, shiniest, strappiest string brief in this men’s underwear line from the masters of multicolor. A low rise male tanga that glitters seductively, with a double-strap effect at the sides.

USA – Andrew Christian: https://www.andrewchristian.com/underwear-disco-spectrum-spider-thong.html?cmid=MDoyOjViYTFiMzkxMDM4OTFiODI6WlAxUlEzbUpSRnRXbjlyRlM5ejJ3UT09&afid=MDoyOjQ4NzU0M2ZmMTA0Y2E0NmI6dXNxRlhqSmhUbmhiWFFBUldpN1NnUT09&ats=MDoyOmY5YjkyZDU1YmYzYzgxNGI6ZklCTm9SeFYrdmRPVHJ1dUxPTEdYZz09

England – DeadGoodUndies: http://tinyurl.com/y4w2atz6

🕷️ 3cm black waistband is signed with glitter branding
🕷️ Enhancing anatomical pouch is translucent with a metallic pattern

“I can’t wear that!!”
Why not?

More samples at www.RalphCorbett.com/men.html


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