Home Trainer Btwin Inride 500 Fluid home trainer Unboxing and Review

Home Trainer Btwin Inride 500 Fluid

Are you accustomed to traditional cycling for fitness and daily workout? But can’t move out of the home due to excessive rainfall or snowfall. Don’t worry, Btwin Inride 500 Fluid home trainer gives you a solution to get the same experience at home.


Cycling is not anymore a medium of transport or recreation; it has become a leading sport and source of fitness today. A majority of people use bicycles for their fitness and exercise. It helps people to lose weight and shed extra fats to accomplish their workout goals with routine cycling.

As per the report published by David Lange, 21.5 percent of the males in the United Kingdom cycle at least once a month. Regular cycling offers numerous health benefits and protects from several diseases such as heart attack, obesity, high cholesterol, and depression.

Cycling suits all age groups and genders, brings fun, and builds up muscles while enhancing stamina. Whether you want to warm up or carry a thorough workout, Btwin Inride provides you a real-life experience.

If you don’t want to break your fitness and training schedule due to extreme weather conditions and still want to cycle for long hours, then Btwin Inride is the best solution you have got at home.

Comparison Table Different Models

Home Trainer Btwin Inride 500 FluidHome Trainer Btwin Inride 500 Magnetic
Smart connection kitQuick starter
Easy assemblingMagnetic trainer is noisier
Compact design and quiet operationPortable and foldable
Smooth pedaling and compatibilityAssembling is a bit complex

In’Ride 500 Home Trainer

InRide 500 Home Trainer is the equipment that allows users to cycle at home. It provides the simplest solution for cyclists to enjoy the cycling facility at their homes without going out. It is an equipment that mounts the back wheel of the cycle on the home trainer and makes them feel like cycling on the road.

The easy to use home trainer offers smooth pedaling and delivers fantastic results with different levels of resistance. The machine adds fluid resistance to the rear wheel of the cycle to significantly impact the legs and thighs. The resistance level can also be adjusted to the desired level with the knob attached to the trainer.

Btwin Inride home trainer is the best selling item around the world. Its smooth and noiseless operation lets users cycle for hours and follows their daily workout routine. Its 2.2 kg flywheel fluid braking system makes efficient cycling for effective workout leading to weight loss and strength.

Its fluid-based resistance ensures that the home trainer is quiet and compatible with 26 to 28-inches wheels. The trainer also comes with a front-wheel elevation that allows keeping the cycle balanced when cycling. It lifts the rear wheel and allows adjustment of height for cycling.

Its compact design and foldability make this easy to store. It quickly attaches to the cycle with a quick-release system. Btwin allows users to connect to its training application with a smartphone or tablet, allowing users to choose from different training videos.

The Btwin aluminum made frame makes it durable and lasting to use. Moreover, the product comes with a 2 years warranty that further extends the life of this trainer. The home trainer works best with mountain, home bikes, and zwift compatible. If you want to get the best experience, then you can use special tires for the trainer.

How to Use and Assemble Btwin Inride Home Trainer?

Btwin Home Trainer is easy to use and assemble at home. It can be set up in the living room, balcony, or on the roof. Put the Btwin home trainer on the floor but make sure that the floor is covered with a mattress to get damaged while cycling. The following method helps in assembling the home trainer and connecting to the cycle:

  • Unbox the package that contains Btwin Inride Home Trainer. Bring out the trainer and place it on the floor.
  • Open out the trainer, mount the cycle on it, connect the cycle with quick release, and tighten the quick release knob to fit it on the bike.
  • Now, adjust the knob to the desired resistance level. Start with the low level of resistance, and warm up the body.
  • If you feel uncomfortable while cycling, you can change your position by adding a stabilizer to the cycle’s front wheel. Once everything is ready, you can start cycling right away.


  • Powerful Indoor Home Trainer
  • Offers smooth pedaling and resistance
  • Quite Training


  • Loose packaging but overall good

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Btwin A Good Brand?

Btwin is one of the leading manufacturers of bicycles, which has offered a range of solutions for cyclists. Btwin products are known for their quality and provide a fair value of money. Apart from quality, Btwin is known for its diversity that enhances the users’ experience.

Which Is The Better Fluid Or Magnetic Trainer?

If we compare magnetic trainers with fluid trainers, the former is straightforward to use than the fluid trainers. The fluid trainers are prone to leakages and more dependable. However, the fluid trainers offer a road-like experience with its gradual resistance. Magnetic trainers tend to make more noise than the fluid trainers and cheaper in price.

How Does A Fluid Trainer Work?

Fluid trainers come with a container consisting of blades that creates resistance with the speed of the wheel. The resistance generated by the btwin gives the same experience as you get on the road. This resistance is proportional to the speed. Kinetic fluid trainers make replication like real life.

Do Bike Trainers Ruin Tires?

Bike trainers are suitable only if you use mountain or road bikes. These two types of bikes are more compatible than other types of bikes. If you are using turbo or super fast bikes, then it can potentially damage the tires. However, to avoid the potential damage to your cycle’s tires, you can buy an extra tire to use with the trainers.


Btwin Inride is an innovatively designed yet simplest solution for cycling at home. It makes cycling possible at home even on the coldest days, stormy nights, and extreme weather conditions. When you have a btwin at home, you can stay fit, healthy, and achieve your fitness goals.

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