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Orbitrek X17 – From The Inventor

Hear the inventor, Willie Van Straten, talk about the science of the Orbitrek X17.

Orbitrek X17 Review

Orbitrek X17 is designed to focus on making exercise more effective by resembling how it feels like to run outdoors in different directions, across various types of terrain.

With conventional machines, the same movement is repeated over and over. People find this boring and ultimately, they give up. This machine resonates with exercise bikes however, the users are required to stand in an upright position as opposed to sitting down given that Orbitrek machines do not have seats similar to the ones in traditional bikes.

Orbitrek X17


How does the Orbitrek work?

Orbitrek X17 inventor, as highlighted in the video has attached a pen to the dual crank and pedal and this allows you to see how the footpath and workload are constantly and automatically changing, generating multiple movement paths unlike conventional exercise machines like a bike, or the elliptical machine that generate only the same movement path over and over again. Refer to this article for detailed steps on how to assemble Orbitrek.

The Orbitrek X17 combines the movement of many different exercise machines into a single machine that is simple, easy, and fun to use. These encompass:

  • Cycling
  • Climbing
  • Stairs
  • Treadmill
  • Elliptical

With the Orbitrek X17, there are some significantly more and higher levels of muscle activations because of the multiple paths.  The 17 different burn paths which are inbuilt into the elliptical allows you to move your body the way nature intended. According to the Orbitrek X17 inventor, 17 ever-changing paths trigger the burning of 34% calories as it activates more muscles and with reduced workout time you can get results.

Bottom line, when you exercise with the Orbitrek X17 you will achieve better, more visible results in fitness in the way you look and feel.


1. Resistance Adjustment

Simple-to-use knob setting with 8 different resistance levels.

2. Comfortable Handles

The handles have been designed with convenience in mind.

3. Easy Storage

The Orbitrek X17 can be moved and stored easily using roller wheels.

4. Adjustable Footplates

The width of the footplates accommodates all shoe sizes securely.

5. Dual-Crank System

This feature provides the X17 with 17 different burn paths.

6. Progress Tracker

Track and check your progress with on-board interactive electronics.

7. Sleek Design

The X17 comes in a super-compact design that also packs an amazing fitness punch.

8. Whisper Quiet

The Orbitrek X17 runs smoothly and silently without disturbing your family.

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