Inno Roof Box Review – 2017 Ford Escape –

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Full transcript:
Hey, guys. Today we have a 2017 Ford Escape and we’re gonna do a test fit on the Inno Wedge rooftop cargo box. This box is gonna mount to the roof rack of your Escape. It allows you to get any excess cargo or luggage or anything like that out of your vehicle and up in an enclosed area, so you can create more space in the inside for more family members or if you just have that much cargo to haul.Now it has the very nice aerodynamic shape to it, so it’s gonna allow you . So it’s gonna cut down on wind noise and drag while you’re traveling. And one of the coolest features about this box is that it has a dual sided opening lid.

So, we’ll start over here on the driver’s side and if for some reason maybe you’re parked in a garage or on a side of a street and you can’t access the passenger side, get on it and we can just hop up here and open up from this side first. Now, each side’s going to open the same way. We’re just take our key and put it in the lock, turn it to the unlock position, we’ll push this black button and then, go ahead and open it up. Now we got plenty of storage space on the inside. We’ll go ahead and close it up and then open up on the other side to take a closer look.Now what’s cool, is that when you close it, it’s actually not going to allow you to lock it.

See I can’t turn the key at all to pull the key out until all the latches are properly shut. So just go ahead and go on top, you heard that last latch, so now we can turn the key, lock it up and that’s just a nice safety feature, so you can’t 00:01:24 leave the key in there and you’re not gonna be able to grab it unless your box is properly shut. Now again, we’ll come back to this side, take a closer look.Now we’re gonna have four memory mount clamps mounting our roof box to our roof rack. I’ll show you one of them right here. Take it off and pull it on out.

Now what’s really cool is I’ll show you an example on the crossbar right here, is that once we have it set to the thickness of our crossbar and we close it, it’s going to close it that same thickness every single time until we change it, using this gray knob. We can turn it right to tighten it or left to loosen it and then once you have it set to your thickness, you just use this rubber track right here and put your claws through there and you’ll see, as I shut it, it just clamps down on this side rail. With 00:02:29 those four you see that I’m really trying to shake the box and it’s not moving at all, it’s gonna be secure.We’re also gonna get two of these straps included, so we can secure our cargo. We’re gonna have four tie down points as well. We have them on the handles of our memory mount clamps.

Now we are also gonna have 165 pound weight capacity in this box, but you do wanna be sure to double check with your vehicle’s owner’s manual to make sure your roof could handle that weight.And the last thing I wanna point out is that with any roof mount accessory, you wanna take into account if you can open up your rear hatch. So with this box, we we’re able to adjust it to a certain point where we do have full access to our hatch. See when we open it up, we have plenty of space between the back of the box and the trunk.Now with all that being said, that’s gonna do it for our test fit of the Inno Wedge rooftop cargo box on our 2017 Ford Escape.


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