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A lawn mower is a machine used for cutting grass or lawns.
The pushing force required for moving the reel mower is obtained from the motion of a bicycle.

Lawn mower is an essential tool for the maintenance of yards. They vary in size, mode of operation and power. The power source riding mowers for example are usually powered by a gasoline engine and are ridden and steered by the operator but they are costly. So this design concept objective is to come up with a Lawn mower cycle that is durable, cost efficient & easy to operate. The Lawn mower cycle is peddle powered. The power required to push the mover is obtained from a chain-driven cycle. This project attempts to combine a cycle and a mower.

The Mower cycle consists of three main wheels with two of the wheels at the front.
Between the two front wheels a cutting mechanism is made with internal spur gear system which transfers the torque to the mower spiral mechanism. The cutting mechanism is made of a flat blade rigidly fixed to the frame behind the spiral arrangement which is configured to contact at least one reel bar of the spiral blades during the rotation of the spiral mechanism.

The pinion gear transfers the power from the rotation of the main wheel to the axle and spinning blades.

As the mower moves forward, the rotating blades come in contact with a stationary bar called the bed knife and placed parallel to the ground. Grass is held by the shearing action of the reel blades against the bed knife. The mower can be adjusted to various cutting heights.

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Pedal Operated Lawn Mover Cycle Download Report – agricultural Mechanical Project

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