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Looking for the BEST CARDIO machine for FAT LOSS? You’re in luck because if you’re trying to lose weight or burn that last bit of belly fat with cardio this video will help. Many men & women perform cardio at home or in the gym for fat burning purposes, but the top exercises and machine help burn the most calories. Learn which ones are best.

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You’re looking to lose some body fat, and you decide to incorporate some cardio to help you do it a little faster. So you walk into the gym looking for the machine that produces the best results, or you might be thinking about even buying a cardio machine for your house. In either case you see all kinds of different pieces of cardio equipment to choose from. Tredmills, stariclimbers, elipticals, bikes, and rowing machines are just a couple options you can choose from. So which one do you choose, which one is the best for burning fat. Well that’s what I’ll help you answer in today’s video. Let’s start first with some science. Unfortunately there’s a very limited amount of research available when it comes to comparing different cardio machines and the effect they have on fat loss. And this is because for one it’s difficult to attribute fat loss directly to cardio because cardio isn’t the only thing that effects fat loss. Obviously your diet plays a huge role, cardio gives you the ability to eat more food while still burning fat, but you can actually burn all the fat you want just by dieting alone. There are also other factors like how active a person is throughout the day when they’re not exercising or how fast their resting metabolism is, and these factors make it very difficult to set up a study that can show a direct relationship between cardio and pounds lost on the scale. But what we do know is that if we can get our heart rate higher and keep it elevated for longer portions of our workout, we’ll burn more calories per minute. So one study that was published in the Journal of American Medical Association compared 6 different cardio machines and the effects they had on heart rate as well as calories burnt during the workout. In this study they looked at the Airdyne bike, a cross-country-skiing simulator, a cycling bike, a rowing machine, a stair stepper, and a treadmill. On all the machines the partcipants were asked to give an rpe which stands for ratings of perceived exertion. This basically involved rating the difficulty from 11 to 15 with 11 being fairly light, 13 being somewhat hard, and 15 being hard. This was how they were able to establish a comparable intensity level between all these different machines. Once the intensity levels between all the machines were fixed and equal the researchers found that the tredmill produced the highest heart rates, and it had the highest rates of energy expenditure, meaning it burned the most amount of calories. The stairclimber came in as a close second producing the second highest heart rates. The rowing machine and skiing machine were pretty much tied for third followed by the cycling bike and the airdyne bike. When compared directly to cycling the tredmill required 40 percent more energy expenditure than the bike at the same intensity level. 40 percent is definitely a signifcant difference. So does this mean that everyone should just spend all their time on the tredmill? The answer is no because there are other factors at play here that make the best cardio machine for you a very individual & personal choice. So I’ve come up with 5 quick questions that you can ask yourself to find out which cardio machine is actually the best for you. Number one and most important is which cardio machines do you actually enjoy doing or if you don’t enjoy any of them which one do you hate the least. This should be the very first question you ask because even if you do burn more calories on the tredmill, but you hate doing it so much that you never use it, well that’s not going to help you burn very much fat at all. If you enjoy your weekly cycling class so much that you never miss a single workout, but whenever you plan to go running outside you find an excuse not to then cycling is way better for you than using a tredmill. Consistency is a very important factor to consider when the goal is to get lean and stay lean. You want to select a form of cardio that you’ll actually be able to stick to for

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