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Orbitrek X17

Orbitrek X17

Are you missing your fitness goals or have gained huge weight while staying at home during the pandemic? Orbitrek-x17 gives you the best solution for weight loss and cardio workout that combines different workouts into a single machine.

According to the U.S. Consumer fitness equipment report, sales of fitness equipment for home use have crossed more than 4 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. This whopping figure shows that most people prefer fitness at home due to limited time and busy schedules. 

Whether you’re looking for weight loss or reshape your body at home, elliptical trainers are quite useful and deliver the quickest results. Our bodies are designed to move at different angles and walk on a variety of terrains. When we walk or run on bare ground or rocky mountain, we experience the movement of all body parts, pressure on muscles/bones, and burn more calories. It makes our body flexible, muscles to contract/expand simultaneously, and improves our body’s overall cardiovascular system.

But how do we get the same experience at home with restricted movement in limited space?


How good is the Orbitrek?

Orbitrek x17 is the perfect choice for aerobic workout and home gym. It is quite effective than traditional exercise machines. It is quite a different machine that not only gives a diverse workout but improves fitness. Most of the conventional machines involve repetitive motion and lead to fatigue.

It works amazingly on belly fat and helps to lose weight instantly. Its resistance pedaling makes cycling quite hard and moves the body like in real life. Orbitrek burns up to 50% more calories than traditional machines and gives users an intense workout. It keeps you engaged and doesn’t make you bored during training.

It’s a fantastic machine for people with busy schedules to follow a comprehensive workout program at home. It helps to tone different body muscles, including biceps, triceps, back, buttocks, quadriceps, and calf. Orbitrek makes you feel different from any other workout machine.

Orbitrek has introduced a couple of options for o users with its unique range of models to suit the diverse needs of the customers. Some of the available models of Orbitrek x17 are as below:

Orbitrek X17 Multipath TrainerOrbitrek Elite
Offers 17 Burn paths delivers instant resultsLow impact non-elliptical motion machine
Features 08 diverse resistance levelsOffers total body workout
Compact and portableFeatures flywheel technology 
Money-back guaranteeWorks amazingly in calorie reducing
Easy to use

Features of Orbitrek x17

Orbitrek is a low impact, but high yield exercise machine to shape your legs, buttocks, and thighs in minimal time. Its incredible features have made it a top choice for fitness trainers worldwide. The machine combines three different forms of exercises like walking, running, and climbing into one solution. With Orbitrek x17 at home, you don’t need another elliptical machine to get rid of extra fats or to tone your muscles in a short time.

Doing workout with orbitrek is fun and exciting; it burns more body fats than traditional treadmills and doesn’t exhaust much after workouts. Its ergonomic handles support users while exercising on the machine comfortably. Its dual crank system keeps the footpath changing constantly and makes a significant impact on muscles that result in toning and fat burning. It replaces the need for conventional treadmills, exercise bikes, or stair climbers. It offers the best way to make your tummy flat and supports maximum weight. Unlike exercise bikes and treadmills, it keeps the entire body in motion and improves the blood circulation, and energizes the entire body. It’s easy to move the orbitrek trainer inside or outside of the home to get the perfect solution. It perfectly trims the waistline and tightens the lower body.

How to Assemble Orbitrek?

Orbitrek is simple to install and comes with complete accessories. The package includes all nuts and bolts along with tools to get it to work. All you need is to have a wrench and screwdrivers to assemble this exercise machine on your own. Make sure you place all the accessories or parts on the carpet floor to prevent any damage to the floor. This simple guide can help to assemble all parts together:

  1. Unpack the box, take out all the parts and place each piece separately. First, you have to install the front and rear base to make it usable and stable while exercising.
  2. Fix the stabilizer with the wheels at the front base and the rear base of the frame. Then, tighten both the stabilizers with nuts using the wrench tool.
  3. Now fix the handlebar axle with the main frame and ensure the axle is centered. If you feel any friction, then you should use oil to reduce it.
  4. Next, the coupler bar should connect to both the main frame of Orbitrek. Fasten both ends of the using the nuts and washer.
  5. Now remove the magnetic disk by unscrewing the bolts in the left secondary crank. Now, attach the pedal with straps on both the left and right sides. Unscrew the nuts/bolts, insert the pedal shaft into the threaded hole, and tighten the pedals with bolts. You can tighten the pedals in the clockwise directions with the help of a hex tool. Finally, reconnect the magnetic disk into the left crank of the machine.
  6. Fix the shroud by sliding the shroud up to the handlebar post and attach the handlebar post with the main frame. Tight the handlebar with the help of bolts and washers that come along with the machine.
  7. Attach the handlebar with the handlebar post and fix it with nuts, bolts and washers with the help of a wrench. Connect the sensor and resistance wires to make the machine work with accuracy.


  • Dual crank system
  • Compact design
  • Ergonomic handles


  • A little pricey but worth buying

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Orbitrek Reduce Belly Fat?

Orbitrek works amazingly on belly fat, its revolutionary mechanism consisting of 17 multipath pedaling targets the belly, and most of the surroundings. It burns the calories and fats twofold with the regular use of Orbitrek. It reduces belly fats the most and gets your body into shape instantly.

Which muscles Orbitrek works the best?

The multipath trainer works on both the lower and upper body. It affects the biceps, triceps, quadriceps, calves, and hamstrings the most. Besides, thighs and back quickly change with regular exercise on this machine. 

Does Orbitrek Reduce Buttocks?

Orbitrek is the only machine that helps to shape your buttocks and shed extra fat on buttocks in the shortest time. Whenever a user rotates his legs and raises thighs, it moves the hips’ muscle upward and downward that burns the fats, and reshapes the buttocks. 


Orbitrek saves time, activates your muscles, and burns more calories while staying focused while delivering instant results. It is easy to put together using the manual and take your fitness to the next level. It can burn up to 500 calories in just 30 minutes as per the leading health publication. Buy Orbitrek x17 today and get rid of weight now.

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