Best Elliptical Machines

At Costco Proform Hybrid Trainer XT $269.99!!

Great deal on this versatile workout machine at Costco! The Proform Hybrid Trainer XT can handle multiple types of workouts.

Found also at—Assembly-Required.product.100357206.html
Best other deal, Home Depot:
Home Depot Pro Version $562.99!!:
Cheaper Alternative:

Today, at Costco, a group of customers were eyeing this hybrid
workout machine with both a flywheel bike and elliptical trainer.
Costco has it $100 off for a great price of just $269.99, which
Is a good deal for just the elliptical trainer.
The magnetic resistance flywheel helps the bike run silent enough that
you could watch TV or Youtube on a tablet.
The Hybrid trainer can be ordered from for $299.99.
The next best deal was $337.55 with store pickup from Home Depot.
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below the video. Feel free to leave a comment and ask us questions.
There’s not a lot of alternatives at a lower price than this.
We only found smaller cheaper hybrid machines on
None of the machines we found were rated any better.
The trainer is iFit Coach ready, which is a subscription service that powers an
app on tablets and provides coaching and workouts.
The tablet holder, integrated speakers, and Bluetooth connection to
the trainer help make the service an integral feature of this machine.
You’ll be hard pressed to find a workout machine with as much versatility
at anywhere near this price.


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