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Couple Cardio Exercise || 20 Min VR Cycling & Elliptical Workout

Couple Cardio Exercise is 20 Min VR Cycling & Elliptical Workout to boost your physics and mental condition.
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Indoor Running and Cycling Workouts is a new 360 video provided by #FiVR where either you are in a mood, or according to your fitness routine, you may use the same video for both cardio exercises. As always great landscapes and sunny weather will boost your mood and entertain you during your sweating and fat burning exercises. Number of views our 20 min bike workout videos are constantly improving, so we decided to add runner – elliptical trainer workout companion to indoor cycling workouts.
Exercise bike workout is crucial to keep people in shape, improve fitness strengths. Daily exercising or even to take fitness classes if it suits you has an impact on your wellbeing. Bicycle workout at home on stationary bike is one of the most popular cardio exercise, where you are using indoor cycling in your workout routine. Stationary bike compared with treadmill has lower impact on exerciser’s joints, so is recommended for people who complains on sore joints.
An elliptical trainer is second, the most popular cardio exercise machine you will find at most gyms, or as an equipment home gym – best in home exercise machine, that provides you with basic aerobic exercises. Science researchers pointed a few benefits of cross trainer over treadmill, like raising your heart rate better than treadmill, and improving fitness efficiency the same way as treadmill. But we cannot forget, that fitness trainers will recommend using both cardio machines in workout routine, and to avoid over train some specific muscles during cardio exercises and to avoid boredom.
American Heart Association Recommendation for Physical Activity in Adult and Kids recommend 150 min (2.5 hours) of heart-pumping activity per week. Increase amount and intensity of cardio exercises gradually over time. Ad our 20 min cycling workout, or 20 min running workout as a part of your weekly fitness routine. Improving your cardiovascular condition is going head-to-head with weight lose. A number of fat burning videos are available on #FiVR
#FiVR will be honoured if you choose ours’ video to guide you and support your cardio workout during fitness routine. Our goal is to provide you with breath-taking stationary bike scenery workout. Our 360 vr videos create illusion of outdoor workout inside.
Fitness in VR provides 360 videos with build in instruction where any workout apps in not necessary. VR goggle makes it impossible to check instruction from fitness apps. Virtual reality is used to create world around you to entertain exerciser. VR headset is necessary to fully enjoy this experience. Landscapes rendered in #FiVR VR videos are like from VR games, we are using Unity editor one of the most powerful software on the market. Is up to you if you are going to use VR headset for PC (like Oculus, or HTC Vive), or mobile version of VR headset like VR Gear, Oculus Go.
Fitness in VR has in offer 360 videos as a part of VR cycling and VR running program. Those videos are built on different cardio programs, and contains easy to follow instructions, as connection with surrounding world is impossible because of virtual reality headset. VR headset isn’t necessary you can watch video on smartphone or tablet, but you will not enjoy of full potential of VR experience. Top Level of entertaining thanks to fine quality of videos and illusion of movement in virtual reality nature.

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