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Elliptical Crosstrainer DKN XC 170i

The Elliptical Trainer XC-170i from DKN-Technology: A low impact elliptical trainer that has an adjustable stride with settings from 18 to 23 inches long.

The DKN XC-170i Multi Motion Trainer merges low impact elliptical exercise with the opportunity to walk or jog without hurting your joints. This residential Trainer gives you the feel of a commercial elliptical machine at half the price. The XC-170i offers a narrow 7 cm ‘Q’ factor (spacing between pedals) for a natural motion, a lower step-up entry point of 19 cm.

The XC-170i is equipped with a patented roller-less 3 Levels Extended Stride Length with settings from 18 to 23 inches long and a Two Stage Drive system that creates a great inertia feeling. The adjustable stride length means you can use this Elliptical for walking and jogging, making this trainer a great low impact alternative to treadmills.

The LCD console allows up to 4 users to setup their individual profiles consisting of age, gender, weight and height. This data is then used by the computer to calibrate feedback provided such as time, distance, RPM, the calorie burn estimate and effort expended (measured in watts).

This console offers 32 levels of resistance, 12 pre-set programs, wireless blue tooth heart rate measurement (using the optional Cardio Connect tracker or chest strap), a user defined program and a constant watt program.


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  • This ellipticL is awesome! It came in many pieces which was intimidating at first but I put it together all by myself in about an hour. The directions were easy to fallow. I promptly did one of the preprogrammed 30 minute workouts called rolling hills and I really enjoyed it.>>> I felt like I got a good workout. The machine is very smooth and quiet and seems very sturdy and solid. I'm excited to try hooking my tablet to it to watch Netflix during my workout tomorrow!

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