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Keiser M5i Strider Elliptical Machine

The M5i offers the portability, small footprint, and whisper quiet mechanics that make it a perfect elliptical trainer for health clubs, boutique studios and home use. With Keiser’s history of exceptional engineering and proven magnetic resistance technology, you can count on a smooth consistent ride that delivers a quality elliptical workout anywhere, anytime.


Because… ‘Good Enough’ Isn’t.


3 thoughts on “Keiser M5i Strider Elliptical Machine

  • I decided to get a machine that can help me lose weight but i became so confused what to get, elliptical or stationary bike, i'm not very fat i'm supposed to lose from 10 to 15 kg. And i want to do that in a short time. Which one of them will help me achieve that goal? And thank you.

  • This ellipticL is awesome! It came in many pieces which was intimidating at first but I put it together all by myself in about an hour. The directions were easy to fallow. I promptly did one of the preprogrammed 30 minute workouts called rolling hills and I really enjoyed it.>>> I felt like I got a good workout. The machine is very smooth and quiet and seems very sturdy and solid. I'm excited to try hooking my tablet to it to watch Netflix during my workout tomorrow!

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