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Best Spin Bikes in 2019 | For Your Health & Fitness

► Links to the spin bikes we listed in this video:

► 5. ProGear 100S –
► 4. Concept2 BikeErg –
► 3. Marcy Club Revolution –
► 2. Ancheer M6008 –
► 1. Keiser M3i –

For fitness, you can try running, swimming or doing any other physical activity. Most of those things require full focus, and they require you to go outside. With spin bikes, you can watch you favorite movies, TV shows or just read a book while you are doing your daily fitness exercises. That’s why, in this video, we listed the best spin bikes available in the market for this year. I made this list based on my personal opinion and i listed them based on their price, quality, durability and more. If you have any recommendations please leave a comment below!

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17 thoughts on “Best Spin Bikes in 2019 | For Your Health & Fitness

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  • How many of these bikes are comparable with third party apps such as TrainerRoad and Zoost to name but a few regards

  • I’d rather pay alot more for quality,
    value, safety and longevity… that’s
    Choose the Schwinn AC performance plus Carbon blue

  • ProGear 100S is a great item.. I have heard a lot about it… Thanks for the video and detailed review…

  • Keiser M3i is the top of the tree, king for all those people call very good, this is the best one i tried ever.

  • Great video man, love the quick and concise points you make, one of the only tech videos I didn't have to skip half the video to get what I wanted to see.

  • Really want to get a spin bike as it saves on having to go the gym so often, probably going to end up getting one of these

  • I was in need of a spin bike for post surgery knee rehab at home. Ancheer M6008 is perfect! It's sturdy, pedals are so smooth pedaling, assembly was a breeze! Total of 5 steps, and each step the bag of washer, bolts were labelled, ie..step 1 bag and so on. Not only a sweet ride, I recommend this one highly!!!!

  • there are many model or design of spin bikes so among that which i'm using now is very comfort and reliable and i will recommend this
    to others…the model is MARCY CLUB REVOLUTION which is Balanced 40 lb flywheel creates momentum to provide the feel of an outdoor bike ride.
    and Belt driven mechanism allows for a smoother peddling motion.THis video review is excellent and no crap and nojokes ,its genuine
    and true.tq

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