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INDOOR RUNNING WORKOUTS | HIIT 4 Min Intensive Cross Trainer Workout

Indoor Running Workout is another 360 video by Fitness in VR.
Elliptical Tabata workout is basic cardio workout based on HIIT
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An elliptical is cardiovascular machine you will find at most gyms, or as an equipment home gym – best in home exercise machine, that provides you with basic aerobic exercises. Science researchers pointed a few benefits of elliptical over treadmill, like raising your heart rate better than treadmill, and improving fitness efficiency the same way as treadmill. But we cannot forget, that fitness trainers will recommend using both cardio machines in workout routine, and to avoid over train some specific muscles during cardio exercises.
Elliptical Tabata workout is basic cardio workout based on high intensity intervals training developed by dr. Izumi Tabata. Tabata protocol is short (4 min only) but very intensive, and at the end will leave you dropping sweat. During the training you will perform as many reps as possible for 20 sec. of all-out intensity work period, followed by 10 seconds of rest. You will repeat those intervals 8 times. All-out intensity is defined as 90% of your maximum exertion, where you should breathe heavy and be unable to speak.
Tabata protocol can be applied to a variety of exercise including indoor cycling workouts, lifting weights, and aerobic exercises.
Cross trainer exercise compared with treadmill has lower impact on exerciser joints, so is recommended for people who complain on sour joints.
Fitness in VR provides 360 videos with build in instruction where any workout apps in not necessary. VR goggle makes it impossible to check instruction from fitness apps. Virtual reality is used to create world around you to entertain exerciser. VR headset is necessary to fully enjoy this experience. Landscapes rendered in #FiVR VR videos are like from VR games, we are using Unity editor one of the most powerful software on the market. Is up to you if you are going to use VR headset for PC (like Oculus, or HTC Vive), or mobile version of VR headset like VR Gear, Oculus Go.

The purpose of this channel is to provide YouTuber’s with training videos to entertain them during cardio exercises.

The experience I do have, during a cardio workout on an indoor bike or elliptical machine, wasn’t good, as I always got bored after just a few minutes. I constantly checked the progress, and I got this feeling I will not be able to complete my workout, drives me crazy. Everything has changed when I rendered my first movie. I focused on the exercise rather than on the progress. By wearing VR goggles I was cut from the surrounding world, and my consciousness was moved into the virtual reality. I was able to exercise for much longer, up to 60 min. Finally, I decided to share my experience with YouTube.


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