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Results of doing the stair master for 1 hour everyday

Hey everyone! Welcome to my channel 🙂

Heres some interesting facts:
➜I film on the Sony A500, I think? Im too lazy to walk the 5 steps to my camera right now to check
➜I am 20 yrs old
➜ Not too much more info I have to share

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20 thoughts on “Results of doing the stair master for 1 hour everyday

  • Hey guys! I see sooo many people asking what level I did this on!! I never set a level to stay on, it was always how my day was going!

    For the most part I’d say I did a lot of intervals on it, since it was a full hour I would go medium paced for a few minutes then try sprinting for a minute. Stuff like that?

    I also slowed it down to do some side steps every once in a while!

  • So the stair master is not good for slimming the legs and perking up the booty at the same time! Do an hour of high paced walking on the treadmill on high incline, that will help you the way you want!

  • You’ve totally motivated me to try this! I haven’t done the stair master in about a month but the longest I’ve ever gone is 20 minutes. I’m looking to get in better shape so I think the reward will be worth it.

  • I did 2 hrs a day for 11 days (not straight)
    I did a 2000 calorie burn challenge for five days straight (that was tough one. Got really hungry lol)
    The longest I did was 4 hrs and I did 924 floors.

  • Tbh I wouldn’t even do this just because I hate the stair climber and treadmill. I used to go on them all the time and dreaded going to the gym. as of now I do cardio as a warmup and then go to the weights/machines and then get a mat out and do workouts. I loved going to the gym after that, I feel great after and I have seen wayyyy more results for my body type. I personally don’t need to lose weight though, I’m trying to gain muscle. Going to the weights I was so self conscious but now I’m just like OH WELL HERE WE GO

  • Europe? That's a continent .. not a country! And no 2 countries are the same there.

  • Love the stair master ! Speed 14 for 40 minutes and speed 8 for 5 minutes to cool down ! It’s a killer but makes you feel amazing!

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