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Woolf Tooth OVAL Chainrings Quick Check – PowerTrac Elliptical, Drop-Stop

Quick check of the #WoolfTooth #oval chainrings, called PowerTrac Elliptical or PTE for #MTB. Their narrow-wide tooth profile is called DROP-STOP. I’ve used SRAM Eagle, absoluteBlack and OneUp before, this is a quick comparison. For more info or to purchase use the links below, they help me fund these videos. And don’t forget to take advantage of the WWC discount when signing up to their newsletter:

Wolf Tooth Oval 32T Boost, SRAM DM –
Woolf Tooth PowerTrac Oval Chainrings –
Park Tool PH-T25 Star-Shaped Torx Wrench –
Park Tool Polylube 1000 Grease
Park Tool 5.2 Torque Wrench

Standard: 49mm chainline, 6mm offset for GXP and long spindle BB30
Boost: 52mm chainline, 3mm offset
BB30: 49mm chainline, 0mm offset for BB30 short spindle cranks

Ovality of 10% and timing of 112° after TDC (top dead center).

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15 thoughts on “Woolf Tooth OVAL Chainrings Quick Check – PowerTrac Elliptical, Drop-Stop

  • Thanks for this. Lately on full squish I feel a little more bob with extreme or maybe what you would call normal ovals. As opposed to HT it seems the FS really calls for more spinning to negate & isolate the efficiency loss on rear suspension bob, even if slight (as in the case with my Scott Spark). And then when spinning the heck out on my SS HT… interested to try a wolf tooth and see if it smooths that power curve out a bit.

  • Hey LoveMTB, I used a wolf tooth CAMO chainring setup on my 2015 Cannondale Jekyll, it had 11 speed XX1 on it and the cannondale hollowgram crankset and I put eagle on it but left the cannondale crank/ 30T chain ring and it was grinding really bad. I didnt want to spend lots of money on a new sram crankset and 30T chainring so I went the wolftooth CAMO route for only $120 AUD, the first part was was the wolf tooth CAMO spider adapter specific for cannondale crank, then I got wolftooth 28T chainring! Now with 5 bolts I can take chainring off without taking crankset off and I have a 50T cassette and 28T chaining and I can climb up ANYTHING!!

  • I just use the aliexpress ones for 10$ each, no issue yet, and the design seems identical to others so as long as the material really is 7075 aluminium, there should be no difference.

  • About $70 usd for this one (after quick search)…
    I'm running Snaggletooth Oval Sram for $38 usd.
    Quite a bit noisier than AB Ovals I've used on my other bikes.
    Eventually it'll wear in & quieten down ^^

  • Just picked up a WT 30T Oval. Haven’t installed it or ridden with it yet. I’m interested to see how it will benefit me. ??

  • I'm building a Nomad V4 and have a E13 12 speed cassette, new XTR 12 speed shifter/deralleur, and M8000 Boost cranks. What chainring would you recommend? Not sure I'm ready to try oval yet…

  • what do you think about the trek procaliber? i just compared it to the reolver line and the trek seems under speccd across the line

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