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Mon Repos Beach Australia | 30 minutes | 6km/3.8M | POV Virtual Treadmill Run

Join the pack on a stunning Queensland morning run for 6 km/3.8 M (30 minutes) from Mon Repos to Kelly’s Beach, Bargara. Statistics below.

Let’s start on the bike path within the Mon Repos Conservation Park; the most significant loggerhead turtle nesting population in the South Pacific region. We’ll head down onto Mon Repos Beach where aviator Bert Hinkler first flew in 1912. We will then continue on the bike path through the Barolin Nature Reserve to the beach of Neilson Park. We will continue south on the foreshore bike path passing Bargara CBD and ‘The Basin’ before running Kelly’s Beach to ‘Money’s Creek’.

Join us on your treadmill, stationary bicycle, stair climber, elliptical rider or even your home fitness circuit.

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I run to these videos on my treadmill in my garage, that is why I make them. I’ve been a runner for over forty years. I’m carrying a few injuries but I’m still going! If I don’t like the quality or I can’t run to the video I don’t post it!

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Video Quality: 1080p
Run Time: 29.25 minutes
True Distance: Approx 6.1 kilometres or 3.8 miles
True Pace: 4.49 min/k or 7.44min/M
True Speed: 12.5 kmh or 7.75mph

I am not a paid affiliate of any of these listed companies.

Gimbal: Feiyu Tech SPG c.
Gimbal pole: Andoer G4 Series Adjustable Extension Pole for Feiyu Tech
Camera: Gopro 6
SD Card: SanDisk Extreme Pro 64gb MicroSD Micro SD SDXC. Class 10 V30 4K
Gopro Adaptor: ‘For the Gopro 6’ Adapter Mount Holder for handheld Feiyu Tech.

Intro Music:        Flex by Jeremy Blake via Youtube


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