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321 Fasting Routine | Snake Diet | Perfect Fasting Routing For Beginners

The best fasting routine when you have lots of weight to lose and need to build a disciplined fasting schedule. No more yo-yo’ing and build a solid base to live a fasting focused lifestyle.

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What’s in the video

1. The 321 Fasting Protocol (72s, 48s, 24s)
* Initiation: Complete a 72 hour fast (or longer) on Snake Juice, refeed (see below)
* Step 1: Complete 72s until hard, refeed
* Step 2: Complete 48s until hard, refeed
* Step 3: Daily OMAD
2. Refeed Routines
* Overweight, sedentary:
* 500 cal
* Low carb, lean meat, very low fat
* Get a food scale so you can measure it out – I like using a calorie counter
* Nothing sweet
* Eat in first half of the day
* Don’t have to, but I highly, highly recommend steady state cardio (walking, elliptical, bike, SUP, anything to just get your bum moving)
* Overweight Gym Rat:
* Want to build and maintain muscle (weight training)
* 500 – 1000 cal
* Goal is to eat first part of day, always before the workout
* Only eat meal on the training day
* Eating on training day is to help you recover
* Lean meat, high carb fruit
* Training Times (Goal with all of this is to go to bed on an empty stomach)

Key Things to Note
* You will lose a bunch more weight doing 72’s on 500 cal refeeds with cardio to scrub out the meal instead of doing 30 day fasts without any exercise
* This routine will give you structure and you will feel more empowered
* You can mess around with dry fasting during this protocol as well, but ALWAYS start with 72 hour snake juice

My name is Shameen Miller. I am a Canadian freelancer, YouTuber and avid traveller. I live a fasting focused lifestyle and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. Follow me on my journey and lets spread more positivity in this world.


49 thoughts on “321 Fasting Routine | Snake Diet | Perfect Fasting Routing For Beginners

  • What is up with your hair? That looks ugly as hell sorry I feel you needed to know that so can let it grow and make it look long and beautiful

  • Thanks I love this ❤️! I've done initiation and was starting 24s. But I'm far to heavy to do that. I was just looking for something more intense to do. Will do 72s

  • Can you do keto and fast? On coles video he said your body goes into ketosis so just wondering, just because u said no fat but keto is a high fat, protein, low carb diet

  • Thank you for this video i wanted to show my mom cole but he cursed way too much fot her, but now i can show her your vids!

  • Hello,

    Trying to start this routine. Hope this works for me. Start time 9pm today. I hope it’s ok for me to ask a little advice while fasting. Tried so many times to fast. I will stay positive this time. Thanks for the break down it helped a lot.

  • I recently heard about the Snake Diet from you, I watched some of your videos on it, and saw that Cole is the original creator so I checked his video out, the first one I saw was him screaming 'Hey Fatty you wanna fix yourself you fat pig!" …. I said to myself " ohh hell no "f*%# this!" then switched back to your videos lol thank you Shameen! Im dry fasting now and i think ill lean off it with the snake diet.

  • Hello, what is the fasting protocol for someone who is already eating healty whole foods and has max 10 kg to lose? What happens if after all the weight is off, you start eating 2 meals a day or even 3? Healthy food, no junk food, no sugars etc but still 2-3 meals a day?

  • Shameen, you are amazing! Just came across your videos, and I am most impressed. Cole`s very cool and wonderful translator.

  • I have a really important question so can I can’t really afford water that hasn’t a ph level of 9, I only have arrowhead and Kirkland purified water… can I still use those ?

  • I eat and lift MWF. I eat at around 5 am and lift after 4 pm. I walk for an hour on the other afternoons. I eat strict carnivore, 4-5k calories, 70%+ fat.

    I don't know if this is ideal, but I've been making small gains while stripping away fat like a mofo and I feel ten years younger, so good enough for now.

  • Refeeds are a bit tricky when you have to do carnivore for health reasons. My only macros are protein and fat.

  • I have terrible discipline sometimes im able to go a whole 8 days other times(most of the time) i cant finish a day. But im gonna get on top of this again.
    5 day keto refeeds. Snake Juice in between. I work for Amazon at one of their wearhouses so its hard to keep up but its mostly my mental commitment. Whenever im working there and feel tired all i think about is food cravings. I also work in security night shifts my sleep time is in the mornings (4-5 hours) and another 2 after Amazon before going to my security job. I usually eat before going to Amazon because i burn most of the calories there.

  • Thank's for clearing up some of Cole's videos. Can you do a video on how to break a prolonged fast 7+ days. What to drink/eat

  • Thank you so much for this video. This is exactly what I am doing. I definitely needed this encouragement Thank you ??????

  • Do you have to drink a full liter or two liters of snake juice on the fast? I am at day 5 on the snake diet and so far am down 8lbs. But just wanted to know am I required to drink a full liter or 2 liters a day? Because I am only doing a liter and sometimes I don't get it all down before the end of the day.

  • Well, who the hell said we have to eat three times a day. Let alone everyday.Oh my god! I need my coffee! I drink it black but, do I have to give up my coffee?

  • Hi Shameen
    I am on hour 84 of snake juice fasting + ACV and feel awful this morning. Day 1 and 2, I did a 1-hour workout (heavy) and day 3 I did some light walking. I felt great on those days. Day 4 is really tough. I woke up light headed and drained. I have been keto OMAD for 1 month prior to starting so I was already in deep ketosis. I have 30-40 Ibs to lose and I carry it evenly. I don't have a massive belly- it goes straight to my hips and butt. I feel shitty that I cannot go longer like a lot of people seem to be able to prolong fast easily. I am going to try and suck it up to make it to 96 hours. Why is today so hard? I plan to do 72s after this initial longer fast as long as I can. Would taking activated charcoal break a fast? p.s. I am a female late 30s, no health issues aside from being a fatty.
    Thank you for your wonderful videos. You're beautiful.

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