Best Elliptical Machines

Q47 Elliptical Machine by Octane Fitness

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The Q47 elliptical machine from Octane Fitness is truly the most advanced elliptical in the world. Men’s Journal said, “If Steve Jobs and Ferrari teamed up to make fitness equipment, they couldn’t do any better than the Q47.”
The Q47 features the smoothest motion and most ergonomically correct body positioning so you are more comfortable and stay on longer. Plus, the Q47 features SmartStride, that will automatically adjust the stride length as you speed up and slow down during your workout. Speed up and the SmartStride will lengthen your stride. Slow down or go backwards and your stride will automatically shorten. The Q47xi can truly mimic your daily outdoor workout.
The Q47xi really comes to life with the addition of the Octane Fitness app. Set up a custom profile and have your favorite workouts saved right on your device. Set up a custom workout plan that is designed specifically for you. Take the thinking out of the equation, and let the Octane Fitness App on the Q47xi get you fueled.


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