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Full transcript:
Speaker 1: Today on our 2018 Cadillac XT5, we’re going to be test fitting the Thule Canyon XT rooftop cargo basket, part number TH859XT. This basket has 150 pound carrying capacity and is great for carrying anything from your camping equipment to your sporting goods; anything you want to keep out from the inside up on your roof, and the straps are also sold separately for that.This measures 49 inches long by 40 inches wide, by six inches tall at its highest point, so it has plenty of space to store your goods up on your roof. This also has a built-in fairing, and that coupled with the aerodynamic shape of the basket itself, that’s going to help cut down the wind noise and drag while you’re driving. So, it’s going to be a lot quieter than most of the other baskets on the market. With it installed as it is right now, we’re not going to have an issue of clearance between our rear hatch and our basket. As you can see, there’s more than enough space between the two.Now, we have it for the most part already installed onto our roof rack here.

We’ll show the last one here in the corner. I’d like to point out a couple things before we do that. These can be adjusted back and forth to accommodate different widths of crossbar spreads. To do that, there are two bolts up on the top here that you can loosen up and shift it back and forth, and then tighten it back down. It does come with the tool to do so.This is a very easy install.

It simply clamps onto your existing roof rack using these U-bolts and tightening knobs, and it does come with different sizes. So, if you don’t necessary have a round bar system or square bar system, this also will work with Aero, Elliptical, and most factory roof racks as well. So it’s a pretty versatile cargo basket. What I did was, I actually removed one of the turn knobs, just to make it easier to install it here. So bring the other end up.

Reinstall our tightening knob, and then it’s a matter of just simply tightening it down the rest of the way, around the bar.I want this completely tightened down. There is a plastic cover that we’ll place over it and push into place. Now, it does have this plastic lock that can be replaced and removed with a Thule lock core, so you can secure this to your roof once it’s installed. And there you have it for the Thule Canyon XT rooftop cargo basket on our 2018 Cadillac XT5.


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