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Comparing Throttle Bodies (Harley Stage IV vs HPI) | Shop Talk Episode 9

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20 thoughts on “Comparing Throttle Bodies (Harley Stage IV vs HPI) | Shop Talk Episode 9

  • What size throttle body comes stock on the 2018 Heritage Classic 114 Anniversary edition? Mine already has the Screaming Eagle Ventilator Air Kit… If I switched to something like the HPI 62mm throttle body, would I be able to keep my existing cleaner or would I have to buy something specific to fit the HPI model? I'm looking at doing a stage IV upgrade with the S&S 114 to 128 Big Bore kit, along with the S&S Camp Plate, Oil Pump, 550 Gear Driven Cam, Lifters, High-Lift Valve Springs and Tappet Cuffs. My focus is on as much low-end Torque as possible. Do I need to upgrade the throttle body as well, or is the stock version on the 114 big enough? Also, I had new lifters and push-rods installed when I got my Stage 1&2 done last year… but that was for a TTS-100 Cam… Should I replace those again with S&S specific parts? Any help is appreciated!

  • How about having your fucking camera guy standing still so the viewer doesn’t throw up with all the god damn moving around like he’s having a seizure. For fucks sake.

  • What air cleaner would work with it? I have one similar to one on bike behind you but it's an HD performance part when I did stage 3?

  • I love the stuff you guys are hitting on/I suggest though that you use a 3 point digital bore gauge not a caliper to measure bores.i work in the CNC world of +_ .0002 everyday and would slap a bitch for checking diameters with a caliper.other than that you guys have a cool gig rolling (keep it up)we out here depend on that knowledge your putting out

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