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How to Set up Fitbit Charge 3 (and Customize it)

Follow along as I show you how to set up Fitbit Charge 3 and make your first few customizations like changing the clock face and exercise shortcuts.


0:32 Installing the Fitbit app
1:04 Creating a Fitbit account
2:42 Fitbit Charge 3 setup
10:40 Getting Started with your Fitbit Charge 3
17:15 Customize your clock face / watch face
19:00 Customize your Weather settings
19:27 Customize your exercise shortcuts

Note: If you already have a Fitbit Account and the Fitbit App, go to your Fitbit dashboard, tap on the Account icon at the upper right of the screen, and then tap on “Set Up a New Device”


42 thoughts on “How to Set up Fitbit Charge 3 (and Customize it)

  • I'm new to fitbit. You did an awesome job from beginning to end of setting up the fitbit. Thanks so much for taking the time from your day to present this video. It's much appreciated. I watched many youtube videos, yours was by far the best detailed and easy to follow.

  • nice and simple , thank you. I'm still waiting. the watch has the white vertical line and my phone says update available at the top and update tracker at the bottom. I've tapped everthing on my phone , but it doesnt' change and the watch isn't changing that I can tell . any suggestions?

  • So I'm oh most 12 years old and my grandma got me the charge 3, I tried to set up my Fitbit but it won't let me because I'm "too young" help what do I do?

  • Omg I had no idea thats what Charge 3 did with the screen wake I was so confused. That is so useful I’m glad they have that because I had an Alta and it would always turn on in the middle of my sleep and I’d wake up (I’m a light sleeper)

  • well Finally someone who takes the time not to rush but show how it can be done in a nice relaxed pace!!! I get frustrated with the rush puppies! nice job and now mine is running after 2 weeks of looking for someone like you! Cheers!

  • I really appreciate the time you took to do this video. You did a great job walking us through the fit bit set up – better than most other videos on this topic. Thank you so much 🙂

  • Just received my Fitbit Charge 3, for my birthday, so excited. Until I started to set it up. Then I found your amazing video!! Verbally clear and step by step. Thank you so much. I would like to know how to set up the sleep and keeping track of my water intake. Thank you! P.S. I subscribed too!

  • Hi !its me Irish, I have a short question , if I off the Bluetooth in my phone, do I still receive a notification in my watch?or I need to keep on all the time my Bluetooth in my phone so that i still receive a notification,in my watch from my phone , thank u

  • How do I sync my MyFitnessPal account to my Charge 3? Your help would be most appreciated! Thank you in advance.

  • I watched several videos before i came across yours. As a novice Fitbit user, yours was most helpful and i now know to change the exercises! Thank you!

  • I've just got my Fitbit Charge 3 and I'm really excited to get to use it. I'm currently downloading the update and I really can't wait for it to finish. Thank you for your video.

  • Mine isn't showing me any of the windows starting at 15:0817:15.
    I noticed our versions are different. Yours is a 20. something and mine a 28. something.
    I can't find where to edit the exercises in mine.

  • Fairly new at Fitbit. One of my dashboard tiles was preset to 4 days exercise per week. I changed it to 3 and lost the entire tile. How do I get it back on my dashboard screen?

  • Hi. I have set my fitbit charge 3 to receive call and message notifications, I get a notification when I get a call and when I get WhatsApp message, but not when I get text message even though I have text message selected. X

  • I unpaired my watch to the app by accident nd I selected new device and I go through the type for watch it is and then the numbers and it isn't working what can I do

  • Unfortunately my Charge 3 won't set up – I've tried everything, but if I try with my iphone then I get a bluetooth error message and if I try with my windows computer then it just shows the exclamation mark in a circle, goes back to set up screen then back to exclamation mark and so on until the app gives up trying. I've tried reboots, forgetting all bluetooth devices, restarting the charge 3, nothing works – can't get started.

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