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Fat Burning Indoor Cycling Workout VR || 22 Min Cardio Exercise #FiVR

Watching of Exercise Bike Workout in VR headset will improve your physical and mental condition, thanks to sunny stationary bike scenery videos.
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Stationary bike workout is crucial to keep people in shape, improve fitness strengths. Indoor bike workout at home, or fitness classes if it suits you, has an impact on your wellbeing. Bicycle workout at home on stationary bike is one of the most popular cardio exercise, where you are using indoor spinning workouts in your workout routine. Stationary bike benefits over treadmill is lower impact on exerciser’s joints, so is recommended for people who complains on sore joints. Fitness trainer will recommend using variety of cardio machines in workout routine to avoid over train some specific muscles during cardio exercises and to avoid boredom.
American Heart Association Recommendation for Physical Activity in Adult and Kids recommend 150 min (2.5 hours) of heart-pumping activity per week. Increase amount and intensity of cardio exercises gradually over time. Ad our 20-minute cycling workout, 20 min running workout, or different 360 video as a part of your weekly fitness routine. Improving your cardiovascular condition is going head-to-head with weight loss. Several fats burning workout videos are available on #FiVR
Gym equipment at home supported with fat burning program or spinning class to lose weight workout videos available on YouTube @FiVRFitnessinVR channel will improve your gym workout. Virtual reality cycling is new trend used as the best home exercise bike workout. Thanks to virtual reality headset you might have impression of outdoor cycling on mountain bike inside. Indoor cycling workouts combine with virtual reality will ad another dimension and create illusion of real-world exercise. Virtual reality will boost your mood and entertain you during long-lasting bicycle workout at home, or in a gym club.
How to lose weight? is the question to ask especially before holiday. Get beach ready fast with fitness equipment thanks to 360 videos provided on #FiVR.
Exercise bike is a popular home gym equipment. Recumbent bike is also crucial in gym clubs as the most popular fitness equipment. Several of vr cycling videos with exercise bike to weight loss program workout on stationary bike that user can find on YouTube is impressive and it will help to use this exercise equipment more often.
#FiVR Fitness in VR will help you with your workout routine, and videos we upload to the #FiVR channel will help you to use your gym equipment in efficient way. VR bike ride is supported by several 360 VR videos, were virtual reality is used to create a world and cut user from reality. VR Headset used to project virtual world during indoor exercise bike will create experience like outdoor mountain bike exercise. Best home exercise bike VR video will create illusion of outdoor experience. Fitness exercise supported by video 360 played on Gear VR powered by Oculus will add extra dimension to recumbent exercise bike. Exercise machine like spin bike is a great gym workout to get fit fast. Spinning on bike is crucial for fat burning and lose weight.
Best exercise bike is the one you are using. Every fitness equipment has pros and cons. The videos on Fitness in VR channel not only will entertain you during indoor cycling workouts VR, but thanks to instructions will improve workout routine. Bike exercise workout videos differs not only by time length but also exercise program.
I am using Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus during my spin bike workout to focus on exercise rather than on exercise progress. Thanks to virtual reality around me I was able to improve my cardio workout up to one hour. VR headset is necessary to fully enjoy this experience. Landscapes rendered in #FiVR VR videos are like from VR games world, we are using Unity® editor one of the most powerful software on the market. Is up to you if you are going to use VR headset for PC (like Oculus, or HTC Vive), or mobile version of VR headset like VR Gear, Oculus Go.
22 min Bike Workout Program:
– Warm-up – 5 minutes Easy Intensity
– Workout – repeat 4 times 30 sec High Intensity followed by 30 sec Easy Intensity
– Recover 1 min on Easy Intensity
– Workout – repeat 4 times 60 sec High Intensity followed by 30 sec Easy Intensity
– Recover 1 min on Easy Intensity
– Workout – repeat 3 times 45 sec All-Out Intensity followed by 15 sec Easy Intensity
– Cooldown – 2 minutes Easy Intensity
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