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Nordictrack 12.9 vs 14.9 Elliptical Comparison – Which is Best For You?

The Nordictrack 12.9 and the Nordictrack 14.9 elliptical trainers are two of Nordictrack’s most popular front-drive ellipticals.

They both give you interactive, virtual-reality training with full-color, touch-screen, HD consoles, and iFit Coach. You can run trails all over the world or even take a high-energy fitness class from your home.

Additionally, both the elliptical machines give you incline – which changes the slope of your running path – for a better cross-training workout.

Nordictrack 12.9:

Nordictrack 12-9


Nordictrack 14.9:

Nordictrack 14-9


How is the Nordictrack 12.9 different from Nordictrack 14.9 Elliptical?

The following highlights the main differences between Nordictrack 12.9 and Nordictrack 14.9:

Console Size:

Both ellipticals give you full-color, HD, touch-screen consoles. You can experience world trails in full color with iFit – or take a workout class from your elliptical.

However, the Nordictrack 12.9 elliptical console – depicted in the video is smaller at 7 inches across.

While, the Nordictrack 14.9 console – seen in the video is 10 inches across. As a result, this give a bit more enjoyable to watch the larger screen on the Norditrack 14.9.


A heavier flywheel can give you a more stable smooth- feeling ride.

The Nordictrack 12.9 elliptical has a very respectable 30-pound flywheel.

On the other hand, the Nordictrack 14.9 goes better with a 32-pound flywheel. So, it’s a bit smoother and more stable. A heavier flywheel helps to give a smoother ride while the weight of the machine assists in anchoring the mahine.


Both ellipticals give you moving bars to train your arms. The Nordictrack 12.9 – gives you standard handlebars.

The Nordictrack 14.9 elliptical upgrades to curved, multi-position handlebars – giving you more ways to train your upper body.


The Nordictrack 12.9 elliptical comes with standard foot pedals – shown in the video. The Nordictrack 14.9 elliptical comes with upgraded foot pedals for better gripping.


The Nordictrack 12.9 is a bit more affordable that the Nordictrack 14.9, making it easier on the budget.

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Bottom Line

Both ellipticals give you a more interactive, virtual -reality training experience with iFit world trails and coaching streamed right to your console.


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