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How To Start Your Passion Project + Jenny's Book Project!

We’re back from our holiday and we’re going straight into our passion projects, how do we start, what are we doing, and how can you start yourself on your journey? We’re talking about how to find your creativity and in what ways we’re most creative.

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23 thoughts on “How To Start Your Passion Project + Jenny's Book Project!

  • 6 movies at the cinema in a month! That's probably how many I have seen at the cinema in the last 4 years. 😛

  • I´m so happy for you seeing and listening to how you are so passionate about writing Jenny`s second story. It´s wonderful that you guys are sharing this experience of creating a crime story, pouring the thoughts of the both of you together into the book. I would actually like to buy a printed version. I don´t read ebooks as I do not enjoy reading longer texts in digital form, which I have to do a lot for work. When reading for myself I find it more relaxing to read in an actual book, holding it and smelling it. What I am trying to say is please do a printed version as well)) How you pointed out that everyone has a different approach to producing sth. was great. People need to hear that. Very much enjoyed this episode!

  • Would love to read! If you need a test reader when you’re going through the editing process let me know. Happy to help out with the creative process.

  • I'm really interested in your book, because of this modern approach and your good taste. I would like to buy the printed book, but I think in Brazil it'll be difficult, so I'm okay with the e-book.

  • Did you know the fellow who wrote James Bond did so on vacation? Every year, he'd go to Jamaica and bang out a novel, then come back to England. Evidently, it's a good strategy

  • I would probably buy the ebook. Of course it'd be nice to go see a live podcast and get the physical book, but I don't know if there are enough of your followers there in London for you to go through all the trouble… no, you know what? there probably are. But I don't think I'll be there, plus I travel too much, so I'd get the ebook. I love reading fiction books and now I'm curious about the plot of Jenny's!

  • I can’t wait to read your book!!! Please print it!!! I would love a psychical copy!!! I can’t read ebooks, I need paper and ink ???

  • I'm exited for your book! I read a lot of fiction and write reviews over on Instagram, so it's much more related to my interests than your usual content lol. Basically I just listen to your podcast because I enjoy listening to you guys, not because of the topics you talk about 😉

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