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Indoor Cycling Workout 22 Min Cardio Bike Exercise in 4k60fps | Fitness in VR

Indoor Cycling Workout 22 Min Exercise to Lose Weight Program video will take you into sweat dripping, fat burning and lose weight world
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This stationary bike workout will take one hour to complete, but leave you dripping with sweat at the end. You will cycle through biking intervals that range from maximum effort to easy recovery. Try your hardest and watch the fat melt away.

21 Min Cardio Bike Workout Program:
41 Min Descending Interval on Elliptical Trainer for Weight Loss program
• Warm up for 5 minutes
• 45 seconds All-Out intensity (2 min 15 sec Easy Intensity)
• 40 seconds All-Out intensity (2 min 20 sec Easy Intensity)
• 35 seconds All-Out intensity (2 min 25 sec Easy Intensity)
• 30 seconds All-Out intensity (2 min 30 sec Easy Intensity)
• 25 seconds All-Out intensity (2 min 35 sec Easy Intensity)
• 20 seconds All-Out intensity (2 min 40 sec Easy Intensity)
• 15 seconds All-Out intensity (2 min 45 sec Easy Intensity)
• Cooldown for minutes

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FiVR – Fitness in VR Official Youtube Channel.

The purpose of this channel is to provide YouTuber’s with training videos to entertain them during cardio exercises.

The experience I do have, during a cardio workout on an indoor bike, wasn’t good, as I always got bored after just a few minutes. I constantly checked the progress, and I got this feeling I will not be able to complete my workout, drives me crazy. Everything has changed, when I rendered my first movie. I focused on the exercise rather then on the progress. By wearing VR goggles I was cut from the surrounding world, and my consciousness was moved into the virtual reality. I was able to exercise for much longer, up to 60 min. Finally, I decided to share my experience with YouTube.

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