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Apple Watch Series 4 – The Review // Fitness and Workouts

Comprehensive Fitness Review of the Apple Watch Series 4 – Workouts, Heart Rate, GPS, ECG and more! Get it here:

A great charging stand for the Apple Watch and an iPhone: (does not come with cables)

More information about the heart rate sensor and ECG/EKG feature of the Apple Watch Series 4:

Thanks for watching folks!

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28 thoughts on “Apple Watch Series 4 – The Review // Fitness and Workouts

  • Hi, Francis here from the Philippines. I would just like to ask because I’m planning to buy the series 4/5, does the blood pressure give justice? Need monitoring. Thank you. Cool video.

  • I’m thinking about getting the series 4 LTE for boarding school and I think your Apple Watch videos have helped me decide that I’m going to get it ?

  • Great video ! Which watch do you wear most currently? Are there times where you opt for the Apple Watch over a Garmin??

  • Great review! Question I have a Felix 5 with a foot pod and an Apple Watch series 4. I noticed you were running on a curve treadmill. I own one as well and run with both watches on often. I get a big variance in distance between the AW4 and the F5 like about .30 of a mile per 3 miles (so 3.23 will be 3.53 on the AW4) . Which should I trust? It equals about a min difference per mile problem is it is hard to assess how much difference there should be on a curve treadmill. Thanks in advance.

  • Great review ??????????I wasn't sure if I could swim with it or not. I thought my friend was over exaggerating lol

  • What size are you using. I want the 44 but with smaller wrist I don't want it too big for fitness as this is my main purpose getting it.

  • Thanks for your update… Usability and hit the nail on the head..

    Mines the stainless steel, with cellular. I absolutely hate my Apple watch series 4 with cellular…  Ok, I'm only in the first week with it but so far I have never disliked a tech device more than this one. Plus, I end up running too many apps in the background and the battery only lasts 4-6 hours…. Really apple? And the apps don't work like they do on my phone.. Nike plus.. music?? Banking app??? They're all there, but they're all very dumbed down versions.

    I bought it because my insurance plan and employer reduce my premium and reimburses me up to $400 to buy one. 

    But its like a step back by 10 years to the days of synching a first generation ipod to your computer…. The only problem is you don't have a large computer screen to navigate synching, you have to do it on a small phone screen. The purchase of apps and setting them up is non-intuitive… The bluetooth signal won't hold your headphones.. (I have three sets of bluetooth headphones, none of them work) … And may God help you if you're trying to sych your watch to a health website, and an app… Its not intuitive, and its not easy to learn. …. I might as well excercise using my huge "plus" sized apple phone…  

    And why does the phone call come in proprietarily to the watch instead of my phone when I have them both with me? You feel like Maxwell Smart taking off your "shoe" to take a phone call… You're talking to your wrist while you navigate your grocery cart?? And trying to get music on your Nike Plus app when it starts running… Nothing is intuitive about this device.

    Mine is the expensive red-gold stainless steel Apple Watch 4, with the cellular card.. The damn thing is a gimmick. Its so slow trying to do anything its like going back 15 or 20 years to the first LG cell phone I bought. Waste of money..

  • Great review. I just bought my watch and was wondering if the watch will automatically register the Red "Move" section without me having to program in an exercise. I have only worn in around the house so I haven't done any real workouts. Thanks.

  • As a hiker…. I really hope Apple or Sunnto etc…. come up with a watch with built in navigational maps… (without the phone) as usable as Garmins…. so I can at least have a choice… Lol……
    There is only Garmin at the moment….. they need competition…. so Garmin would be forced to sorts out their software problems that persist.. for instance in the 5x…..but they are the only choice for me right now.

  • Nice review! I read where the watch has a special workout for wheelchair users. Do you know anything about that or know where i could find reviews on it. Thanks.

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