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【UPGRADED&MULTIFUNCTIONAL STEPPER】- The innovative four-track design provides better load-bearing capacity and stability for this mini training stepper, as well as reducing machine wear and providing a smoother workout-time! This fitness elliptical machine allows you to exercise while sitting or standing, giving you a variety of training choice!
【SMART APP FOR BETTER MONITORING】- Thanks to the Fit Show app connected to Bluetooth, you can record and monitor the sports movements at any time to develop your own fitness plan. In addition, you can compete with friends through this app to make it much more fun!
【HIGHLY ADJUSTALE&ANTI-SLIP】- Our elliptical steppers feature 8 levels of adjustable resistance, allowing you to control the workout to meet your athletic needs. The rubber non-slip sheet on the base can effectively avoid the damage caused by the friction and better fix the trainer.Concealed drawstring buckles ensure overall aesthetics (the drawstring is not included).
【HD BUILT-IN DISPLAY&NO PLUG-IN】- The built-in HD electronic dial allows you to view the time of exercise and the calories burned clearly. The plug-in-free design saves you money and reduces the limitations imposed by wires on sports, which is also more environmentally friendly and quiet.
【FREE INSTALLATION&PORTABLE】- The all-in-one structure eliminates the need for complicated assembly processes and effectively prevents parts from being lost. The portable handle and compact size allow you to carry and store it easily, you can put this training peddler in the storage room, cabinet, under the bed or place it under the official desk.
Are you worried that the long-term sit-in work will make your body unhealthy? Are you tired of running to the gym and want to have your own fitness equipment? We are glad that you finally find us!! Our quiet fitness mini stepper can help you solve the above problems perfectly! This compact exerciser is perfect for storage on the desk or in a small cabinet. The low pedal design allows you to exercise even when you are sitting. 8-speed adjustable resistance provides a variety of workout modes to meet your needs and bring great convenience to your daily life! ★Specification: 1.Weight: 220lbs 2.Compatible with: Fit Show APP 3.Power: no plug-in 4.Occasion: home, office, gym, etc. This is also a great gift idea! ★Some Amazing Features about AOMAS’s Mini Training Machine! 1.A more advanced four-track design provides greater load-bearing capacity. 2.The all-in-one structure eliminates the need for cumbersome assembly. 3.The scientific elliptical trajectory can effectively reduce the damage to the knee. 4.The compact size makes it easier to store and save space. 5.Plug-in-free design saves energy and reduces motion noise. 6.Thanks to the high-definition electronic display and smart app, you check the progress of your workout and adjust fitness plan based on the real-time data. 7.The non-slip base can reduce vibration and noise effectively while increasing stability. ★8 Adjustable Resistance&3 Sports Modes: 1-3 Resistance – Beginner Mode: Mainly exercise your soleus muscle, gastrocnemius, tibialis anterior muscle, femoral muscle, extra-femoral muscle, etc. 3-5 Resistance – Intermediate Mode: Mainly exercise your rectus abdominis, extra-abdominal muscles, anterior serratus, etc. 5-8 Resistance – Advanced Mode: Mainly exercise your flexor muscles, diaphragm, biceps, pectoralis major, etc.


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