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CAR.O.L Stationary HIIT Bike Review [2019]

CAR.O.L Stationary HIIT Bike Review from the perspective of a CrossFitter.

CAR.O.L is a stationary bike for high-intensity interval training (HIIT) that can improve your fitness and health using artificial intelligence. What makes CAR.O.L unique is that every workout is only 40 seconds long — short enough that you won’t even sweat.

For this review, I tested CAR.O.L to find out how effective it is for improving my cardiovascular performance and how I could use the bike to complement my CrossFit training. To see how exercising with CAR.O.L looks like in action, check out the below video of one of my training sessions.

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CAR.O.L stands for Cardiovascular Optimization Logic and it’s an AI-powered bike ergometer that gets you 132% healthier in 98% less time.

Benefits of CAR.O.L compared to jogging and other exercises:

– 62% lower risk of developing a metabolic disease
– 78% improved cardio fitness
– 71% higher HDL cholesterol
– 78% lower triglycerides
– 196% lower blood pressure
– 48% lower blood sugar

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