Trojan Pro X 470

Trojan Pro X 470 Review

Everyone suffers from one disease or another these days, and the most common disease people suffer from is cardiovascular disease. World Economic Forum’s latest Global Risk Report 2017 reveals that cardiovascular diseases contribute 31.8% to worldwide death.

What helps in cardiovascular diseases? A healthy diet and doing the gym helps to improve fitness and saves from many diseases. People who exercise regularly, walk a few miles, and do the gym can escape cardio diseases. Not everyone has enough time to go to the gym or walk a few hours, so how can they maintain themselves. Spinning bikes are the best alternatives to cycling or running. These bikes make users feel real-time cycling experience enabling users to experience the resistance similar to the road.

Why Do You Need to Have a Spinning Bike At Home?

Spinning bikes are excellent fitness equipment that everyone should have. These bikes have become a top choice for fitness trainers and experts due to their unmatched performance. Spin bikes help in weight loss and get into shape. They give the best solution to do a quick workout at home while avoiding traffic hassles to go to the gym and get a quick workout. Spin bikes are easy to use, effective, and gets the desired results in less time. Spin bikes give perfect indoor cycling experience that adds natural resistance and require more power during cycling. 

It helps to get in shape as it targets different body muscles, including legs, thighs, buttocks, and feet. People can use this for weight loss and to shed some extra fats from the body. Regular spinning at home hardly takes 20 minutes, but it delivers high results in lowering fats and improving people’s overall health.

Advantages of Spinning Bike

A user-friendly, multi-functional, and fully adjustable bike allows people to use it conveniently. There are numerous benefits of spin bikes; some of them are as below:

  • Spin bikes offer a great alternative to cycling. It burns more calories than cycling because of resistance, which takes more pressure to pedal than cycling. 
  • Cycling improves the circulation of blood flow in the body and minimizes the risks of cardiac diseases. 
  • Spinning bikes regularly not only gives a full-body workout, but it also improves metabolism in the body. 
  • These are perfect for indoor fitness training that requires no extra equipment. 
  • These bikes make a low impact on the body and bring excellent results with regular use. 

Which Spinning Bike Is The Best for Workout?

A wide range of fitness equipment and exercise machines are available on the market; each is advertised as the best and claims to deliver exceptional results. You don’t know which one is the best until you try a couple of them. But we have been reviewing the latest fitness machines and found Trojan Pro X 470 as the best in the market. Let’s find out how it differs from the other fitness types of equipment. It was the most searched equipment on Google during the coronavirus lockdown in Spain. 

Trojan Pro X 470 

Trojan Pro X 470 gives a complete solution to your busy lifestyle and fitness needs while staying home. It makes a top choice for the people who look for a simple yet effective way to keep their bodies in shape. Trojan Pro X features a sleek design and sturdy build with its stainless steel body, making it durable to use for a longer time. It takes less space to settle at home due to its compact design and slim body.

It equips a fully functional console on the bike’s front to display different readings like time, speed, pulse rate, calories burnt, and temperature. Trojan Pro X is the best for aerobic exercises and helps in toning your body muscles. It is effortless to assemble this spinning bike as it comes with complete spare parts with a detailed assembling manual.

It supports 120 Kg of weight, allowing obese and overweight people to use the bike comfortably. The bike is fully customizable horizontally or vertically to allow people to use the machine up to their convenience. The spin bike carries a large wheel on the front of the bike that adds resistance to the bike, making users feel real cycling experience. 

The bike’s ergonomic build makes it easier to use and makes no noise while cycling. It comes with a stable base that doesn’t let the bike shake even at high speed. Trojan Pro X supports the right posture while running spin bike and get the desired results by using the desired results. 

How to Assemble Trojan Pro X 470

The bike comes with complete spare parts and accessories, including front and rear stabilizer, handlebar, pedal assembly, adjustment knob, seat, and other accessories. Follow the method below to assemble the Trojan Pro X spin bike yourself at home:

  • First, attach front and back stabilizer with the frame with the help of a net and bolt that comes with the stabilizers. Use the wrench to tighten all the nuts and bolts attached to the stabilizers securely. 
  • Now, you have to attach the vertical seat post into the seat post tube. You will have to slacken the knurled section of the knob and pull the knob back and select the desired height. Now, select the desired height, release the knob, and retighten the knurled portion.
  • Next, you have to attach the seat post onto the vertical seat post with nuts’ help. Make sure that the seat post gets onto it and doesn’t shake when used. Tight the nuts so that it remains stable on the seat. 
  • Put the handlebar post in the handlebar post tube and adjust its height according to your preference. Now, tighten the knob to adjust the height and fix the handlebar on the handlebar post. 
  • Finally, put the computer on the handlebar post, plug into the computer’s sensing hole, connect the pedals with respective crank arms, and tighten them with the bolts.  Your Trojan Pro X 470 spinning bike is ready to use. You can start your workout using this spin bike daily.

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