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Bobber with LED BAR LIGHTS!! [Wrecked Bike Rebuild – Ep 17 – Vstar 1300 Bobber]

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Season 3
Episode #17

In this episode of Wrecked Bike Rebuild we install some awesome LED bar lights that we found on TC Bros website!


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25 thoughts on “Bobber with LED BAR LIGHTS!! [Wrecked Bike Rebuild – Ep 17 – Vstar 1300 Bobber]

  • I’m looking to get the same lighting setup.
    Can you explain throughly how the two lights are wired? Thanks

  • Grinding with those sweat shirt laces could be potentially life threatening as the laces could get stuck in the grinder which could result in the grinder going to your neck while in fonction. Remove those laces. Save your life

  • After that video about him putting earphones on to listen to the exhaust has be not wanting to watch anymore

  • So much hate on the lights! I understand they are not to most people’s tastes and they are not the first choice for a bobber but it’s something different. Funny enough I just installed an 8” led bar light as my headlight on my ‘98 ZX-6R Street Fighter project. Personally I love it! It’s bright as hell and really clean looking. Now is it a hazard for other drivers? Possibly, but I tried to mitigate that by angling it slightly downward. Time will tell how it plays out for me and in the end I may have to go another route but for now it is something different and practical.

  • God those lights are aweful ? That's the beauty of bikes, the emotions it brings out of people ? Every single thing on this bike is done according to my taste, except for the headlights, so I would say Carry on lads, I dig this build! ?

  • This season of wrecked bike rebuild is so boring, chase is like a rid running around with his head up his ass. And bobbers are boring ass bikes.

  • Sad to see the channel go down hill. Ducati Monster rebuild was brilliant, this series is rubbish. Get back to the basic Chase show, it was great to watch and I looked forward to every new episode. The number of views has plummeted.

  • Just a question did brain get paid to do this or you guys were buddies what's the story ? i start watching sins the zx10tr love the show

  • Those lights look wrong to my eye. Along with the cheap looking bars they don't do those sweet looking triple clamps justice

  • Won't the exhaust heat up the rear master cylinder affecting the viscosity and thus performance of the brake fluid and brakes?

  • I'm sorry chase, but those headlights are awful. Not only are they ugly, but they're going to be terrible as headlights because it's just going to flood light everywhere and will blind everybody driving past. That's why they're designed for off road use only.

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