Best Elliptical Machines

LISTEN UP! 30-60 minutes of cardio for losing fat staying within 75-85% of your target heart rate!

Three types of goals and how you can achieve them (excluding types of meal regimen plans) either weights alone or weights and cardio together:

1. Gain muscle and lose fat: Weights and no cardio. HOW you train and the type of weight training program you are following makes all the difference!

2. Gain muscle. Weights and no cardio. You need an excess of calories for muscle recovery for GAINS.

3. Lose fat (and maintain muscle): Cardio and Weights.

FOCUS on YOU! Do not look around at others and maintain an intense pace!

My cardio routine today:

1. Bike (quads): Level 11; RPMs 95+; 10 minutes

2. Stairclimber (quads): Level 8; holding on with 2-3 fingers while leaning back and squatting down a bit with knees always in a flexed position;10 minutes

3. Treadmill (hams): 4mph; 4% grade; 10 minutes

4. Arm Krank (chest, back, arms, shoulders): Medium resistance – Both arms: 5 minutes; Easy-medium resistance – Single arm every 30 seconds: 5 minutes

5. Elliptical (quads): Not holding on averaging 6mph; 10 minutes


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