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What Happens If You Walk (30 MIN PER DAY)

What happens to your body if you simply walk 30 minutes everyday? Most people would assume that walking has its benefits, but most would dismiss walking as a viable form of exercise to lose weight and reduce belly fat. Learn how to see daily results from simply walking.

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Walking is something that we all do everyday, but most people don’t look at walking as a legitimate way to lose weight, burn fat, and maintain a healthy weight. And I used to think the same way. After all “a walk in the park” by defnitiion is something that sounds very easy. and usually when we picture somebody doing whatever it takes to lose weight we don’t imagine someone walking, instead we usually picture someone running as hard as they can on a tredmill covered in sweat. But the truth is that walking consistently throughout the week can make a big difference in how you look and how you feel. This is especially true if you’re currently not exercising and you can’t seem to find the motivation to start working out. Since most people are undervaluing the benefits that walking can have on their body, today I want to go over exactly what you can expect to happen if you simply take a 30 minute walk everyday. And I’m sure the first thing you’re wondering is can doing something as simple as walking actually help you lose weight. Well even though walking is not as hard as running or even jogging it’s still considered a low to moderate form of aerobic exercise and if you walk ethier at a faster pace, or for long distances, or you walk very often like everyday, in all of these cases you’ll be adding a good amount of extra calories to your deficit. Now most of you have heard of the saying that you can’t out run a bad diet so you’re probably thinking that it’s very unlikely that you’ll be out walking a bad diet anytime soon. But this is taken out of context, even though a really bad diet will make it physically impossible to lose any weight at all, exercise happens to be just as important specifically for long term success. And when people say things like 80 percent of your results come from your diet, it devalue’s the powerful effects that consistent exercise brings to the table. The reason why people think this way to begin with is because a lot of the studies that compare the effects that diet and exercise have on weight loss end up coming to the conclusion that dieting alone usually results in more weight lost than just exercising alone. But after reviewing a bunch of these studies researchers realized that the calories burnt from diet and exercise were not matched in most of these studies. Sometimes the diet only group would be cutting away 1700 extra calories per day, and that would be compared to an exercise only group that was only burning 200 extra calories per day. Obviously with a flawed setup like that the diet group will always come out on top. But researchers found that when calories are actually matched weight loss is matched, and by finding this they were able to conclude that exercise alone without any form of diet restriction can be an effective strategy for losing weight. Again even though you won’t be outwalking a horrible diet, as long as you have a descent diet walking everyday can definitely move the scale in the right direction. Walking burns about 100 calories per mile. If you walk at a fast pace you can burn anywhere from 150 to 200 calories in 30 minutes. If you walk at that same fast pace for an hour we’re looking at up to 400 calories. 200 to 400 calories per day can definitely make a big difference. In one study participants were instructed to only add 1,000 steps per day without making any diet modifications. Not only did their leg strength, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels improve, but they also lost weight, lost

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  • I also believe it's a mind game for weight loss to stay off. I feel way more motivated when I feel like I look good, losing weight by diet alone makes ya lose weight but your still gooey. Working out makes ya look toned! And you generally feel better 🙂 such a perk.
    Update, he totally mention this as I was typing it Haha

  • I walk 5km for 5x per week from the office to my house. I also do 16:8 intermittent fasting and do HIIT workout 3x per week.. I lost 10kgs for 3months.

  • So I'm gonna do an experiment I have a route that I like to walk, it takes between 30 – 40 minutes depending on pace. So I'm going to see how fast I can actually complete this route by implementing some jogging. I'm obese so jogging is an issue. We'll see how this goes though 🙂

  • I've been walking 30 minutes every morning 5 days a week for almost a month now. Already feeling my pants a little loose.

  • Also fasted walking is even more effective. I take a 45 minute to an hour walk every morning. Ever since I started doing fasted walks (or just walks in general) the fat was just melting off. Obviously combined with a good diet and resistance training.

    Edit: Also I forgot to mention I also utilize intermittent fasting

  • I’ve been walking for 1 hour about 2 weeks but I didn’t lose any weight so i was going to stop walking right now then i watch this video and read some of you comments so i have to get up and start walking again ?

  • I walk 10 miles a day six days a week. I’m 74 and have been doing this for 12 years. I Do weight training to keep from loosing muscle mass. 165 lbs, 41 chest, 32 waist, 5’8”.

  • I’m 12 now but since I was in 3rd grade I’ve had summer school ik TMI but it’s a 35-38 minute walk and I had to walk to school also I had camp in the afternoon which should be a 8 miles average of 1 hour people say I have big feet I and ik I have a big size ( 9/1/2) but I don’t see it

  • this has given me hope as I am over weight and am now going to buy a step counter and start out walking every day

  • I hiked for a month in Antarctica, Chile, Argentina, including Torres del Paine with my 70L and 25L backpacks on me traveling, hiking national parks for 10km or more a day. I lost 4kg when I was back from my vacation. Yes, I ate everyday like a treat for me with local foods ?. Today I crossed 20,000 steps because I talk on phone to home long and walk within small space.

  • 10k to 15k steps is a big free cherry on top of getting in shape. Free 500 calories burned on top of 19:5 IF and gym workouts.

  • This summer I’ve been walking for around 2 hours a day (it’s about 5 miles for me) and I hope I’ll be able to find the time to do it after the summer ends.

  • I'd love to walk but my legs are cramped due to hard exercise so I searched up how to lose weight without walking on YouTube but got nothing

  • Walking is very good.i walk 1 hour everyday its the best exercise to lose weight its very fast and effective.

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