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Main Reasons to Avoid Multi-Sided LED Headlight Bulbs

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Multi-Sided LED headlight bulbs (bulbs with three or more sides of LED chips) seem like a good idea in theory — more LED chips in more directions are better, right? And especially in a projector housing, right? The simple answer is NO. Watch why.

The key to a well-functioning LED headlight bulb is LED placement. LED chips located in the center of the bulb stem better mimic the location of a halogen bulb filament. Multi-sided LED headlight bulbs have a thicker bulb stem which positions the chips away from center and closer to the reflector housing. This leads to an unfocused, scattered, dim beam pattern. Watch as Eric describes the cons of these bulbs and demonstrates the bulbs inside a projector housing and reflector housing against 2-sided LED headlight bulbs.

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28 thoughts on “Main Reasons to Avoid Multi-Sided LED Headlight Bulbs

  • The ones you guys are saying are good look like someone is holding a whiskey bottle in front of them lol I changed out my stock bulbs for LEDs and they're fantastic. Not sure what yall are smoking

  • I won't use LED unless they have yellow tone. These light will reflect most of their light when it is snowing. Red and yellow light can punch through rain and snow a lot better while less reflection back to your eyes.

  • Scared me when I read the title. But then I realised the hakari ultras I just bought have the LEDs in the same spots as the halogen just like your "good main brands".

  • I've tried multi and double, what you don't tell or show people is double LEDs viewed from directly from the front looks like someone on high beams because it gives the impression/illusion that the vehicle have 4 headlights on as there is dark spots on a double led headlight buld and the result is you'll get constantly flicked to dip your head lights. I thought it were because of the bright LEDs I installed but one day in a shop window the reflection showed why everyone thought I'm on high beams, so I bought 4 sided ones, they're brighter by double the out put but get this I don't get flicked to dip my headlights no more.
    But I guess you won't tell this fact in your video.

  • Why don't you measure the lux reading of the entire width of the beam pattern?

    I'm sure some of the bulbs are more consistent with their readings and not just "bright" on the hot spots.

  • I think you’re wrongly mistaken not to mention, biased towards your own products. I have a wide array of LED’s from Philips to Osram to P70 CREE (all 2 sided) and while the foreground is much brighter compared to halogens, I can’t see anything further than 15m in front of me. Just when I was about to give up searching, I discovered 4 faced LED’s were a popularity in China and decided to give them a try. Spent under $50 for a pair bought online and after installing them, I must admit that the light output had increased tremendously. I can see further, everything is lit up well and I have yet to have someone flash their beams at me. Even when parked against a flat wall, the beam looks somewhat similar to a halogen but 20x brighter. I strongly suggest that others consider multi faced LED’s for a change before moving to HID’s or falling back to halogens

  • Man u don't know the meaning of value for money.i got night eye. it's working super fine. again all the LED lights are from china only. it's not like ur's are from MARS.

  • Everyone. Buy nighteye leds. They use the dual bulb situation and have tones of positive reviews. I paid $33 aud for mine. I think that’s about $25 usd. But they’re long lasting, bright and cheap. They come in most bulb sizes and have been great for the 18 months I’ve owned them. By the way I use projector housings in case you were wondering. Even if they went out tomorrow for $33 and the light output they produce I honestly wouldn’t care, and I’d just order another set considering the price. They don’t even have a bulky box that hangs off the back by a cord. It’s just the led unit itself with a fan on the back. A lot less hassle to install if you’ve got limited space.

  • My ass they don’t, my uncle put them in his 4Runner and they’re bright as fuck with perfect beam straight from eBay. You’re full of shit.

  • They only sell led's for trucks on their website… yes, these ppl are making even bigger douchebags out of lifted truck owners

  • Thank you for the info. I bought an Auxbeam T1 for $63 and it was a lot better, even compared to my aftermarket Philips halogen. They're not expensive but it does the job.

  • I bought them from China for 14 bucks. I'll live with the output I have and spend the huge difference between mine and yours on hookers and blow.

  • You may be right about the cheap Leds, but your Leds are a way too expensive, its may be better, but not worths the cost!

  • Call bullshit bro. I bought 20 dollar multi sides. Guess what they work great. And have been for months. Yes they needed to be adjusted. So take your time pay attention and adjust they correctly.

  • I'm sure you sell a fine product but half of the asses out there blinding people dont bother to even read the instructions that come with their bulbs anyway. For one thing, they dont adjust the beam angle so they're not hunting for owls in the trees. That one adjustment may cure many of these issues – if they cared enough not to be a d*ck to oncoming drivers.

  • As long as I can see it’s fine lol I have a light bar and two kc lights if u got bright ass lights you getting all of mine

  • You are absolutely right. A shop recommended the tri sided LED headlight bulbs for my FJ Cruiser and although they were very bright but the light was all over the place blinding everyone and the hi beam was unnoticeable… It took me only one day to return them back and reinstall the Halogen bulbs and start searching for better ones…

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