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Garmin Instinct Review: Everything you need to know

In-Depth Review:

Here’s everything you need to know about the new Garmin Instinct GPS watch. While it might look like a Casio, it’s actually a blend of a Garmin Vivoactive 3 and a Fenix 5. It’s got the base features of a Vivoactive (and some of the restrictions), but it also carries a ton of the more advanced hiking/course/navigation features of the Fenix 5. Of course, being Garmin it has some odd quirks/caveats to be aware of. I dig through them all!

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26 thoughts on “Garmin Instinct Review: Everything you need to know

  • It.does connect to IQ Connect. Not sure how you screwed that bit of info up. Your review cost me a lot of money because i bought another watch..

  • Question: Since this is a semi-smart watch do you need to have it paired with a phone for it to work, or will you just miss a few additions such as music, weather and notifications?

  • Great video. Thank you. Did you (or anyone who reads this ;)) experience any issues with the altimeter? I read that the sensor is on the back of the watch and that the sweat is having an impact on how the sensor reads the altitude. As the altimeter would be one of the key features that makes this watch interesting for me, it would be good to know before buying it. Thanks.

  • Hey guys
    Want to buy one of these today & as a runner, I want to be sure that this Instinct is more useful than Apple watch 3.
    Thanks for sharing ??

  • Hey guys
    Want to buy one of these today & as a runner, I want to be sure that this Instinct is more useful than Appl e watch 3.
    Thanks for sharing ??

  • This watch looks like G Shock, tested with military standard. I expect a lot of quality like G shock. Then I went to see it in person and end up with a big let down. Quality is nothing like G shock, strap is so thin and flimsy, material not as refine.

  • Love your reviews mate. My Polar m600 has begun to die, so I'm on the lookout for a few watch…this one looks like it may make the top 5 potential list..

  • can anyone help me out im stuck at trial run wont let me go back to all the activities when i go back to menu and hit activity says trial run again how do i go back and chose what activity i want?

  • I've been a gshock guy for years. Love the rugged durability of them. The gshock look is what drew me to even look at this. I haven't bought a smart watch because I seem to wreck watches for some reason and gshocks have been the only ones I havent somehow busted. A smart watch with gshock durability is something I'd be interested in

  • Spotify question…. Does it support music/stream play? Or just displays what was last played?

    Thanks guys.

  • Hello, I'm still using an old Suunto Vector. My question is if it is possible when walking to see on the Garmin Instinct on one screen the actual height and the vertical speed per minute (meters up or down/minute) at the same time? Like it is possible on the Suunto Vector. Thank you in advance.

  • I was seriously looking at this watch and NO Connect IQ and NO pay support. Oooops thanks for the vid. Won’t be buying this.

  • Ugh Lee, looks like it should cost 100 bucks max but since it's Garmin it's 3 times that, Casio retro my ass, it sucked then, it sucks more now, & that unreadable map, I can't read it sitting here still not to mention in motion.

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