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Best Recumbent Bike Reviews

Would you like to engage in low-impact exercises due to old age, arthritis, or other physical complications? There is an ideal device for this: the recumbent bike! Also called a sit bike, crank forward bike, or, more frequently, a semi-recumbent bike, this fitness machine is getting popular in the world of well-being and fitness. And for a good reason, it is an ideal machine if you need to get into the sport. It’s a convenient tool to have if you need to regain shape and vitality with no hassles.

Often found in fitness clubs and gyms, they’re also suitable for use at home. Would you like to get the best model with values equal to your money’s worth? We’ve cherry-picked 5 of the best recumbent bikes currently on the market. Check them out!

1. Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

Would you like to try intense workouts and get quick results? Then, you have to add the Schwinn 270 recumbent bike to your routine. Designed to provide a comfortable and relaxed training position, this bike includes many functions for convenience and easy customization. It lets you quickly change your intensity level with 25 resistance levels and 10 smart keys.

For high speed, a drive system with a ballasted inertia wheel allows you to start pedaling smoothly. This lets you train with consistency and fluidity. It includes 29 workouts programmed with multiple options. It has a multi-user configuration system to save data for up to 4 user profiles. The Schwin 270 also features 10 quick keys for resistance. This allows you to vary the intensity, from easy to difficult and vice versa. It can detect heart rate (chest strap not included) for practical training. It also comes with padded and contoured seat with lumbar cushions. The ventilated backrest provides a comfortable and relaxed training routine.


  • Wheels for easy storage/movement
  • Low price
  • Easy-to-read LCD
  • Ergonomic and compact


  • Inaccurate calories burnt calculation
  • Short labor warranty

2. Proform 235 CSX Bike

Proform 235 CSX Bike

With the Proform 235 CSX model, you have a high-end exercise tool in the range of semi-recumbent bikes. It mainly allows you to work your lower body while resting your back. It has 18 digital resistance levels. The magnetic resistance is silent and effective. This will enable you to intensify your exercises gradually. It also comes with 18 workout programs that can work with the iFit application. Its console will allow you to monitor indicators such as your heart rate, speed, time, and distance.

The 235 CSX cross trainer can support a user weight up to 275 lbs, and it has a 14 lbs flywheel. It is also equipped with a fan to refresh you. It features an audio system that is compatible with iPod to entertain you throughout your workout. Fitted with a backrest that supports your lower back, this bike is quite comfortable. It proves that exercise bike and comfort are not incompatible.


  • Sturdy and reliable frame
  • 7-year warranty
  • Easy to assemble
  • Value for money


  • Doesn’t include AC adapter

3. Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike

Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike

The Nautilus R616 recumbent bike is synonymous with comfort and connectivity. It allows even the most demanding cyclists to enjoy their training. The bike includes a DualTrack multi-LCD console with functionalities that help track fitness goals. This allows users to track exercise distance travelled, time, and burned calories. With dozens of training programs, Bluetooth connectivity, and features, the R616 achieves peak performance and exceptional results.

You can create a public event and join a bike race or a private session with your friends. You can use it in connectivity with your iPad or iPhone. But if you want an enlarged image, you can connect your Apple device to a TV screen. The screen is not only duplicated; the TV will display your video, and your device will become a control panel. The Bluetooth connects and synchronizes with the Nautilus Trainer app and other applications for fitness training. The product can support a user weight of 300 lbs.


  • High performance and quality
  • Onboard entertainment
  • Whisper-quiet
  • Ergonomically padded seat


  • Expensive
  • Few design flaws

4. Schwinn Recumbent Bike Series

Schwinn Recumbent Bike Series

This Schwinn model is an easy-to-assemble, easy-to-maneuver, and sturdy exercise bike with a low noise level. It comes with29 programs. These include 12 profiles, nine heart rate controls, four customs, two fitness tests, and one quick start. It features 25 resistance levels. Ergonomically placed heart rate monitor allows you to pedal in a relaxed position when in use. It also includes Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to configure, track, and monitor their progress using popular app-based tracking tools.

The bike features two easy-to-read DualTrack LCDs. There’s a USB port to charge your mobile device while you exercise. There’s an oversized water bottle holder placed on the side. This helps to keep liquids close at hand, and thus stay well hydrated during your workout. Its overall dimensions are: width of 162.5 cm (63.98 in); height of 70.3 cm (27.68 in); and depth of 126.8 cm (49.92 in). It is recommended for floor space with a length of 192.5 cm (75.79 in) and a width of 177 cm (69.69 in).


  • Easy-to-read LCDs
  • 25 resistance levels
  • Padded seat for comfort
  • Exercise bike for seniors 


  • Poor warranty service

5. Sunny SF-RB4806 Magnetic Exercise Bike

With the step-through design of the Sunny and Fitness SF-RB4806 magnetic exercise bike, exercising should stop being a hurdle! All you need to do to get results is just to get on the seat and step on the bike. Ultra-comfortable, it features a patented seat design that is easy to adjust. Thanks to this innovative seat design, you can even adjust your seat easily while remaining seated.

Sunny SF-RB4806 Magnetic Exercise Bike

The bike features high-performance magnetic resistance that lets you control your exercise intensity with the turn of the knob. Its resistance, however, doesn’t have the highest levels on the market. With eight resistance levels, it’s incomparable with models in its peers with up to 25 levels of magnetic resistance. The exercise bike meanwhile features a display system packed with functionalities. It can monitor exercise duration, as well as speed, RPM, calories burned, and heart rate. The onboard computer console also includes a body mass index (BMI) calculator function. It is also integrated with a thermometer, calendar app, and clock.


  • Incomparable user comfort
  • Functional LCD
  • Transport wheels
  • For people with arthritis 


  • Low resistance levels
  • Not sturdy/low weight capacity


The main advantage of these recumbent bikes lies in the design of its structure. Its shape forces its user to sit comfortably, wedging his back against the backrest specially provided for this purpose. Without impact on the joints, it can be effectively part of a rehabilitation program. With this review, we hope you’ve found a suitable model for your needs. Happy biking!