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Sole Elliptical Leg Jumping Off Track

Why does my Sole elliptical leg come off the ramp?

The simple video guide will save you a fortune!

The video demonstrates the steps involved in troubleshooting the sole elliptical’s rear leg.

Typically this happens with ellipticals that only have a singular wheel ramp instead of two and there is less ramp service for the elliptical wheel to run back on. As such, the sole replacement rail simply provides your elliptical a bigger surface to run the wheel on.

The upgraded aluminum rail will need to be fixed to the existing one to help keep the wheel from falling off every time you try to peddle.

The new aluminum rail provides the added support for the wheels. The 2 different types of aluminum rails for elliptical soles can be accessed here:

3 thoughts on “Sole Elliptical Leg Jumping Off Track

  • Thank you for this. I have a Sole E25. It has two wheels, but instead of a split two piece rail just a one piece rail. Do you sell the piece for that, too?

  • Once again, great straight forward content and easy to follow. My question is why is this not a warranty or design flaw related issues? I don't believe that the customer should have to pay for an upgraded track assembly for the single rail model when it appears as though the new track has a lip to keep the roller in place which probably should have been designed into the product in the first place. Paying $40 for something that isn't the customer's issue doesn't make sense to me as an I myself am an engineer.

  • hello im having this problem with my sole e25 single rail model. Do you know where i can buy these upgraded rails and new bushings? Thx

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