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Rola Atlas Roof Cargo Basket Review – 2019 Chevrolet Colorado –

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Full transcript:
Today on our 2019 Chevrolet Colorado, we’re gonna test fit the Rola Atlas Roof Cargo Basket.It’s gonna be a great accessory for your truck. It’s gonna allow you to get any type of cargo or other gear out of your truck or even out of the bed, and get it up on your roof to create more space in those areas. It’ll have a fairing on the front that’s integrated into it, that’s gonna help cut down on wind noise and drag while you’re traveling, even at high speeds. One thing you just wanna keep in mind is that anything you put on your roof, you are gonna have wind noise and you’re gonna have more drag. It might hurt your fuel economy, but that fairing is gonna help improve that a lot.Now up top, we’re gonna have a ton of space. We’re gonna have 56 inches on our length and we’re gonna have 43 1/2 inches on our width.

We’re also gonna be four inches deep. That’s gonna be plenty of space to get whatever you need up here and get it out of your vehicle. You’re also gonna have two sets of these rails right here which have tie down points, so you can use bungee cords, ratchet straps, whatever you need to secure your cargo on top.Now, one really cool feature that Rola’s included in this basket is that we have these two crossbars that can be removed if you wish, but those crossbars are gonna allow you to get any other accessory up here. Whether you have a bike rack or a kayak carrier, you can mount it to these crossbars with no hassle. Now the way it’s gonna mount to our roof rack is we’re gonna have four of these mounting point systems.

This is our end cap right here, we’ll go ahead and pop that off so you can take a look at what we have. We have this bracket up top. Once you tighten down those knobs it’s gonna basically clamp itself onto the crossbar, basically just sandwich the bracket down onto it. Now this system’s gonna work well with square bars which is what we have now, but it’s also gonna work well with elliptical bars, arrow bars, round bars, and most factory refracts.One measurement I wanna go over with you guys is how much it’s gonna be adding onto the top of your roof. Well, we’re gonna go from the top of our crossbar to the top of our basket at the highest point, that’s gonna be 4 1/2 inches added onto your roof rack.

So whatever roof rack you have installed on your vehicle, you can go ahead and add 4 1/2 inches. It’s important to keep in mind for any low clearance situations. You’re driving your Colorado into a parking garage and it’s kind of lower profile, you wanna be sure that you’re not adding on too much height to where you’re not gonna clear any of those low clearance situations.Now we’re also gonna have a weight capacity of 160lbs, but you do wanna be sure to double check the Colorado’s owner manual and the owner manual of whatever roof rack you have, to make sure they both can handle that weight.With all that being said, that’s gonna do it for our look at a Rola Atlas Roof Cargo Basket on our 2019 Chevrolet Colorado.


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