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Rola Roof Basket Review – 2016 Honda CR-V –

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Full transcript:
So today on our 2016 Honda CRV we’re going to be doing a test fit on the Rola Atlas Roof Top Cargo Basket. So I’ve already got it in place to give you a good idea what it looks like on your CRV.Now, it measures about 56 inches long, 43 1/2 inches wide and it’s about four inches deep. You can see here how it features a fairing in the front, what’s unique to this basket because it features a fairing it’s going to be a little bit quieter. It’s going to help redirect that wind around it rather just blowing right through it like most baskets. So, it’s going to be quieter on our roof.What’s unique to this basic is it features a roof rack system within the inside. You can the crossbar here and then a crossbar in the back, so that way when it’s using up your crossbars on your CRV you can still put your accessories like your bike racks or you kayak carriers on the inside while carrying your gear.Now it is a fixed system on the inside so that’s going to be about 35 inches, center on center so you’ll need to choose accessories that work with that crossbar spread.

If you’re not using an accessory on the inside those are removable. Simply pull the pin and clip on each side and then they pop right out so not too bad with the set up there.It offers a weight class of a 160 pounds. You do however want to check with your CRV’s owners manual to see if your roof can support that much weight. You want to go with whatever’s lowest, just like your roof rack system.But it’s going to mount to your round, square, aero elliptical, and most factory roof rack systems if you come in close here you can see how it clamps underneath our aftermarket roof rack system on our CRV. We even got a little cap here on top for when it’s all tighten down, that way our accessories do not come in contact with the top of those threads and damage them.

So the cover sits on top but we can see the top portion of the clamp and the spacer in between, getting our basket up off of our roof rack system. So it’s more or less sitting on top than on and around. Nice little set up there.Once everything is tighten down you’ve got a nice snug fit, you can give it a good shake and you can see it’s not going anywhere. We’re actually shaking the whole CRV there. Now another thing, when you put it in position you want to be sure you place it far enough forward to where it doesn’t interfere with your rear hatch.

Again, with my fix mounted roof rack system on my CRV and with where I have it placed, I’m not going to have any issues there. I can still access my entire rear hatch on my CRV.Also one last thing, with this basket I did have to remove my rear antenna, you can see the placement here. If it we’re to come up there’s no real adjustment that I could have done to keep that in place so keep this in mind if that’s something that’s going to be a concern to you. We have other basket options here at etrailor.comBut anyway, with that being said that’s going to complete our test fit of the Rola Atlas Roof Top Cargo Basket on our 2016 Honda CRV.


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