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Vo2max® CHALLENGER Elliptical Stepper – Renouf Fitness

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The Vo2max® ELLIPTICAL STEPPER MACHINE for those who want results fast. Totally, NEW, unique to the market and offering faster results than traditional Ellipticals. Having a Dual action combining arms and legs allows you to exercise your total body including the very important core area ALL at the one time. The Elliptical Stepper Cross Trainer movement is very effective to increase fitness and to burn fat but unfortuneately they are quiet bulky and take up a lot of room. The CHALLENGER is very compact with a set up size of Length: 106cm x Width: 70cm and includes wheels for easy relocating. This is a great compack Elliptical Stepper for body fat reduction, cardiovascular, interval, endurance training and for getting a toned and firm butt. For targeting your ‘booty’ glute area we have designed a ‘support gripping bar’ along with an adjustable incline system allowing you to focus the intensity on the precise area. You will quickly see the benefits and results of a stronger, firmer and rounder booty and glutes. All included is a free ‘Fat Buster’ ‘Plus Results’ 30-day programme with each purchase.


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