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Fitness Cycling Over 60 | 3 9 miles | Apple Capital Recreation Trail

My wife and I are in East Wenatchee, WA for the remainder of this week. I am away working on the 2020 calendar. While out of town, I will continue to workout with my X3 Bar and, this week, enjoy bicycling in one of the premier towns in Washington to do it. Wenatchee and East Wenatchee have done an excellent job of providing bicycling trails along this scenic stretch of the Columbia River. Our motel has a trailhead for the bicycle paths right out of the parking lot.

Today was the first time my wife has ridden her bicycle since she broke her knee in March. She had not ridden in about six months previous to that. She was a bit shaky at first and we did a short ride so as not to wear her out too badly. What a great time!

X3 Bar was after the ride. I very much enjoy these brief but intense workouts. The burn, I think, helps remind me throughout the day to work on posture. As I age I find it easy to hunch my shoulders forward and let my head fall towards my chest. X3 is helping me work on posture. The head thing is still a problem, but I work at it.

X3 Bar
Week 40 Workout 2
Reps (goal 15-25)
-Dead Lift is 31×240 (dk gry) diminishing range to fatigue
-Chest Row 28×160 (lt gry) diminishing range to fatigue
-Bicep Curls  27×80 (lt gry) diminishing range to fatigue
-Heel Raises 40×240 (dk gry+straps) diminishing range to fatigue
-Pull aparts 0x50  (wht) diminishing range to fatigue

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Hey! I created a new team on an app called Charity Miles. They have sponsors who pay 10 cents per mile for cycling and 25 cents per mile for walking or running to the charity you select. I selected the Wounded Warrior Project. My team is @Christians_Care. We now have 21 members on our team and have donated over 6000 miles. I invite you to join me.

I give my YouTube vlogs the main title of “Fitness Over 60.” It is my goal to build a community of like-minded riders whose purpose is to get and stay active and fit into their senior years. At 60, I see myself as just entering those years. I am not as fit as I would like to be, but neither am I trying to become a superstar athlete. I am becoming more fit all the time with:
-Regular cycling,
-Elliptical exercises
-Frequent resistance training (#x3bar) and
-Ketogenic/Intermittent Fast eating
are the main elements of my fitness plan.

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