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Fitbit Charge 3 // The Review – Fitness Features in Detail

Comprehensive review of the fitness features of the Fitbit Charge 3. Get it here: (Amazon)

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48 thoughts on “Fitbit Charge 3 // The Review – Fitness Features in Detail

  • Class video thanks. I have a question tho… if it has no built in GPS how does it know how far you are swinning??

  • Just bought it yesterday and I fall in love with it. The battery life is much much better than Galaxy Watch and the Apple Watch 4.
    Everything is good for me cause I don’t really need a lot of smart features on the Apple Watch or Galaxy Watch. ?
    Thanks for the info btw.

  • Older video, I know, but I wanted to know if you had the same issues I did with floors climbed. Mine was waaaaay off and I would get 20+ floors walking a few blocks…in Florida…you know, the flat state. I returned it and went back to my Ionic.

  • just a tip for your channel, those little fake giggle laughs that you do, feels forced and unnatural , good review none the less

  • Fitbit charge three. It’s a complete piece of shit I fucking hate this thing. Constantly falls out of synchronization with my phone device charge three has been completely reset re-synchronize many times still will not work with any consistency. Giant pain in the ass

  • Was wondering if I should upgrade from the charge 2 and this video and just made me want to get the charge 3 more, thanks for the great video

  • Hi Desfit, do you think this watch is a better choice for a squash player and occasional runner indoor/outdoor than Huawei Band 3 Pro, Garmin Vivosport or Vivosmart HR, or even the cheapest but very popular Xiaomi Band 3? Please help

  • I purchased my fit bit charge the last week in December 2018. February 24th 2019, it died. I placed it back on the charger for over 24 hrs and still nothing. It was a Christmas gift to myself and I am extremely disappointed with this device. What a waste of money!

  • The watch is garbage , it keeps adding steps I haven't done. A 20buck xiaomi is fat more accurate with the steps, that this overpriced junk.

  • They had a good thing going with the design. They made their units in the direction of smart watches, and then they went backwards aesthetically. They could have at least made a color display an option as a clock face.

  • I drive a straight drive (manual transmission) and I have had other fitness trackers track my shifting as steps. Is this tracker that sensitive or do you think it could tell the difference?

  • Great video and you covered almost everything, but there is one thing that maybe unnecessary to others and that Motorcycle movement…. I stopped using my Fitbit flex because it kept on counting my movement while I'm Riding my Motorcycle which I do almost daily.

    So can you tell me please is this one better or is there anyway that you can delete the activities from the Charge 3 ?

    Thank you and I will be waiting for your reply

  • Are you saying that the charge 3 doesn't need a screen protector? If not will a screen protector for fitbit Charge 2 fit on a 3?

  • Thank you for the really concise and informative review profile of the product! Bought one for my wife for her birthday and was really on the fence about which on to get even after reading other on line reviews of several others. Decided on this one and after watching your video review you clarified some things for me that I was wondering about and now I feel I made the correct choice!
    I know the time and energy it takes to do a good video review much less all the actual time you put in to truly test it out!
    Thank you for all your good efforts and professionalism it is truly appreciated!
    Happy New Year to you and yours!

  • Does the charge 3 display laps on the watch when swimming or does it only show you after the fact on your phone?

  • In 2018 I've gone back and forth between the Charge 2 and the Samsung Gear Sport. Overall, I realized I don't need a smartwatch and the simplicity of the Charge 2 much better suits my needs. Is a Charge 3 going to be worth the upgrade or should I hold onto my Charge 2? I understand it's more advanced and aesthetically pleasing, but after watching a few reviews I still can't decide.

  • Amazing reviews! I'm glad I found your channel! You got a big content of watch reviews, can you be kind and spare a few moments to recommend a good watch for cycling commuting? Price limit 200usd. Thank you in advance!

  • I really enjoyed your video. However, I’m having a hard time deciding between
    the Charge 3 and the Versa. I like the looks and size of Charge better than
    the Versa. I don’t like large watches. But the Charge doesn’t have a clock face
    that I like and it’s only black and white. I realize that you don’t know but what
    do you think the odds are that fitbit will update with
    more watch face selections??

    Thank you for your Video.

  • You're correct, the step counting is extremely generous at times. I'm not sure why they can't get that more accurate. My Charge 2 was not as bad.

  • Just picked this up and clicker on your video to discover more about the product. Loved the overall work on this video, thanks for the great effort. You've gained a new subscriber!

  • just go read the forums on the awful software and issues people are having. I wish in never dropped the money on this thing. it wasnt even ready for release having none of the features they marketed for it. awful company. why they are such a big deal is a mystery to me. marketing i guess.

  • I bought my Charge 3 about a month ago. Thanks for the tip about using the quto-recognize swim mode instead of manual. I will definitely try this as I've been a bit disappointed with not getting heart rate with my swims. Also, the calories burned doesn't seem to be accurate for swimming. I wish I could see my swimming lengths while swimming instead of swim duration. Guess I've have to buy a finger counter.

  • I've accidentally banged the screen pretty hard a couple of times. Held up great, not even a scratch!

  • Thanks Des for this in-depth and very personal review of the Fitbit Charge 3. I have a Charge 2 atm and I'm pretty happy with it but I was trying to look for some different interchangeable bands (as I sometimes work up a sweat at the gym) but couldn't find any on the fitbit online store. Is it true that Fitbit Charge 2 is being discontinued? Would you recommend I stick with my Fitbit Charge 2 or should I trade it in for the Charge 3? Thanks again for all your hard work! 🙂

  • Just reviewed mine too. It’s an incredible piece of kit for the price and sticks to the basics very VERY well. Great video. Subscribed ✅

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