6 thoughts on “Structure Cycleworks SCW 1 Review

  • I got to ride this on a proper trail yesterday. Found it quied good on a tech climb. Going over big bumps it seemed to float nicely. It doesnt feel different than normal bike. It was set up for a heavier guy than me so can't comment on fast chattering terrain as was a bit over sprung. After a few seconds i just ignored the different front end and just rode the trail and it felt good. I tried the hell out of the antidive and it seem respectable. Big difference is that there are less forces coming through the bars due to the linkage action so for long decents it reduces arm fatigue. It will take an ews rider to use it for it to get popular but if you have the money it is deffo an option.

  • With appreciation and respect for Matt, we have to point out that anti-dive, shock pressures, and rebound damping were not set up for Matt's ride due to the limited time available during Sea Otter. Bear in mind that three riders on two bikes have now won podiums in four out of four races entered, and none of those racers had more than an hour on the bike before medalling. Our position: at race pace, a full linkage frame offers more than just modest improvement over bikes with telescoping forks.

  • I promise I'm not trying to be rude but if he was worried about brake dive he should work on his riding/breaking technique. A lot of those bad suspension behaviors don't come from bad suspension, they come from bad techniques. Having said that, I've obviously never ridden with him so I don't wanna sound like I'm writing him off as a bad rider by any means. Just saying that technology isn't always the answer, sometimes it's just good old fashioned practice and technique.

  • I believe that linkage forks are definitely the future, but they still have a LONG way to go engineering-wise…

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