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500 Self-powered Exercise Bike Domyos

Domyos designed this bike to allow you to exercise anywhere – in your home, garage, even outside – easily. There’s no need for a power outlet to make it run since it’s powered by your legs alone and it’s a doddle to climb onto.
– Really comfortable
– Easy to move around and doesn’t need power
– Heart-rate monitor built-in

Exercise bikes are blessings for people who prefer fitness training at home. There are remarkable benefits of setting up a home gym that fulfills your fitness goals. Domyos 500 self-powered exercise bike is what you need to yield the greatest results in the least time. 


As per the Statista Research Department report, exercise bike sales surged in Great Britain twofold in 2020. Exercise bikes are the latest boom on the market with state-of-the-art functionality that fits in your living room making your fitness training and workout effortless. The bike makes an innovative alternative to the gym and sets up at home. Most of the exercise bikes are compact and fit into the house without taking more space.

These bikes are great to reduce belly fats and burn the calories around the stomach. They eliminate extra weight by shedding extra pounds of weight with little improvement in the diet. Indoor cycling is best for the people who can’t manage time to go outside for running and walking. Besides, it enhances the stamina, improves blood flow in the body and endurance of the body.

Exercise bikes are safe to use and don’t put users in danger. They are great companions for complete body workout and easy to use. These bikes carry different resistant levels for the users allowing them to get better results with regular use of this machine. Exercise bikes give freedom to use any time and help in doing cardio exercises. There is a wide range of exercise bikes available today, let’s compare some of the best performing machines on the market:

Comparison Table

Domyos 500 Self-Powered BikeDomyos Biking 100Domyos E Fold Exercise Bike
Comfortable and adjustable rideComfy saddle with the multi-position handlebarCompact design
6 Kg flywheel gives smooth pedaling12 Kg flywheel gives better endurance6 Kg flywheel
Incorporates 15 levels of resistanceSturdy stainless steel constructionMulti-functional coaching and programmes
Intelligent console displays a couple of readings Portable and easy to moveAdjustable position
 Great maneuverability
Easy assembling

Domyos 500 Self-Powered Bike

Domyos 500 Self-Powered Bike is a customizable, easy to use, and durable machine. It allows easy adjustment of the saddle and handlebar post up to their convenience. It is a lightweight, portable, and easy to use a bike that can be a companion for weight loss and fitness at home. It incorporates front wheels with the stabilizer to move anywhere around the home.

 The bike features special support to stabilize the bike and keep users stable during heavy workouts. The bike is compact in size and takes less space to use at home. It is easy to mount a smartphone on the handlebar with preassembled hooks and connect with apps. The handlebar also incorporates sensors that record readings like heart rate, speed, and calories burnt.  

The bike includes 15 levels of resistance that impact on most of the body parts and burns the weight. The innovative bike is easy to mount for exercise and includes 7 programs with easy controls. Just connect the smartphone with the application and try different workout programs. Its 6kg flywheels allow the wheels to push effortlessly and complete daily workout.

It features a soft saddle and toe clips for training in long sessions without stress and fatigue. The bike helps in cardiovascular health and fitness leading to improved joint mobility and strength. Domyos Exercise Bike is wonderful for all age groups and creates a huge impact on lower body parts including legs, calves, and knees.

Users can enjoy their favorite music and play games while cycling on this exercise bike. Domyos 500 unique features, quality, and quiet operation stands out from the competitors. 

How to Assemble Domyos 500 Self-Powered Exercise Bike?

Before you move to assemble the Domyos 500 exercise bike, ensure you have read the installation manual that comes along with the bike. Unpack the package box and bring out all the parts of the bike. Keep all parts separate on the floor. Then follow the step-by-step instructions below to assemble an exercise bike:

Step 1

The bike comes with two stabilizers, one for the front end and second for the rear. Install the stabilizer with wheels on the front of the bike frame with the help of bolts and fix the bolts with the help of a wrench. Similarly fix the rear stabilizer with the bike frame and make sure nuts and bolts are tight so that the bike doesn’t move while running.

Step 2

Now you have to connect the handlebar post with the main frame. Make sure you have connected the wires before attaching the handlebar post into the mainframe of the bike. Take the L key bolts and put them into the relevant holes to fix the handlebar post.

Step 3

Attach the saddle with the saddle post with the nuts using a wrench. Now attach the saddle post in the main frame of the bike. Adjust the height according to your convenience and tighten the bolts.

Step 4

Install the handlebar with the main frame of the bike and tight the handlebar with the nuts. Once you complete the installation of handlebar, you can move to attaching pedals to the bike.

Step 5

The final step involves installation of a console on the handlebar by connecting the wires with the console to get a variety of readings.

This is how you can get the bike ready to use for daily routine. The whole process of assembling an exercise bike doesn’t take more than 30 minutes.


  • Effective and Smooth Pedaling
  • Compact and Portable
  • 7 Training programs to get you in shape


  • A little noise when cycling

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 30 Minutes Workout Good on an Exercise Bike?

If you use a stationary exercise bike for a 30-minute workout, it can burn a huge amount of calories and sheds weight fast. Daily training on an exercise bike builds strength, boosts muscles, and leads to weight loss. Consistency and punctuality are the most important factors that can get the desired results.

Why My Exercise Bike Squeaking?

Sometimes bikes start squeaking due to improper use, dryness of the chain, and loose belt. It happens when the bike is placed on an uneven surface. It is important to use the exercise bikes correctly, ensure proper oiling of the chains, and use them on stable surfaces.

What Is The Fastest Way To Lose Weight On A Stationary Bike?

Start cycling for 5 minutes daily at a low resistance level and then increase the resistance with time. Improve your diet and drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated while cycling at home. Regular cycling not only helps to weight loss, improve physical strength, and shape your body.


Domyos 500 Self-Powered bike is the simplest solution for comfortable ride with easy pedaling. It helps to accomplish all your cardio and aerobic workout. It is easy to train with a diverse resistance pedaling. Buy this exercise bike today to complement your workout.

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